Company Services

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a set of progressive tools and services to boost business processes and leverage b2b outside sales. 

Email Tracking

This tool allows for continuous tracking of your recipients’ activity regarding your emails. Investigate your delivery and click-to-open rates and analyze the overall campaign performance to achieve great results. 

Email Scheduling

Plan to send your emails with a handy scheduler from HubSpot Sales Hub. Select the appropriate date and time zone so that your customers from different corners of the world can receive your emails at the most convenient time (e.g., right before their work starts.)

Email Sequences

Send a series of emails to your prospects and customers at the right time. Email sequences available at HubSpot Sales Hub enable you to create personalized campaigns and select the most optimal time to send follow-ups.

Email Templates

There’s no need to do manual work with awesome templates provided by HubSpot. You can quickly choose the one that suits your business needs and automatically upload the prospect’s or client’s data from their profile.  

Predictive Lead Scoring

This feature will help you get in your lead’s shoes and understand their behavior. You will also be able to fast-track excellent prospects to sales in order to get quick results. 

As you can see, the tools and features provided by Sales Hub can help you significantly improve your ROI.

Company Pricing

The basic price at HubSpot Sales Hub is $50/mo per user. Although the price is quite high, all the perfect features are totally worth it. It is also possible to try the tools mentioned above for free by signing up for a trial period. 

Company Review

There are numerous positive reviews about HubSpot Sales Hub on the Internet. For instance, many people say that it is ideal for creating and operating a great customer base. It is also very convenient as it sends you a reminder whenever a new task comes along or a completion notice when it is done. Most tools can be easily integrated with Outlook and other systems.

At the same time, a major disadvantage of HubSpot Sales Hub is duplicating the information. Numerous users find it difficult to detect and clean them. However, in general, the Hub is much more progressive than a remote call center in the Philippines (although such centers can also drive great results; for instance, Open Access BPO has brought lots of value to its customers for over 10 years by implementing the best industry practices.)

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