Users like the platform’s full sync option, being able to integrate it with Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, and other popular services and CRM systems. This makes much sense, especially when an SDR rushes to prepare for a phone call or a meeting. Indeed, Marketo Sales Connect significantly facilitates the entire sales team's work and creates lots of value while constructing robust pipelines.

Company Services

Productivity Booster

Empower your SDRs with automated tools that will perform manual work and allow your reps to focus on more essential tasks. Such an approach will decrease the time needed for performing administrative tasks, which is a big plus. Make the workflow seamless to boost your inbound and outbound outreach. 

Prospect Qualification

Identify and select the most relevant people who will be most likely to purchase from you. Marketo Sales Connect will provide you with a prioritized list enhanced with essential analytics and insights into your users’ preferences. Let your SDRs apply it to close more deals and bring you better ROI.

Strong Connection with Prospects 

Build trustful connections with your prospects and have more meaningful conversations with them using Marketo Sales Connect. It will supply your SDRs with upgraded sales playbooks and useful tips based on the best industry practices. Your reps will be able to enhance their outreach and appointment setting strategies using all means of communication. 

Coordinated Aircover

This feature will provide your SDRs with profound insights into your users’ behavior. The reps will receive valuable feedback and sound solutions regarding various promotional activities. Your teams will create more personalized messages to reach prospects at different stages of the buyer journey.  

Strategic Partnerships

Find potential partners and turn them into your best business partners using Marketo Sales Connect. It will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge to identify the right people and develop great relationships. 

Company Pricing

Prices are not disclosed on the company’s website, so you have to send a request in order to find out the details of the offer. 

Company Review

Marketo Sales Connect has gained public acclaim since 2011. At the moment, over 90,000 people are using it. However, the company has only 3.3 out of 5 stars, which isn’t a very good rating. In general, customers like its email tracking system as it shows whether and when their messages were reviewed.

They also like the platform’s automation and synchronization features. At the same time, clients are dissatisfied with the inconveniences associated with the loading time. According to the reviews, Marketo Sales Connect takes too much time to load, and if you want to download a document, the process might be really slow, too. Additionally, the tool has a limit that you cannot exceed to send more emails. Some customers find this approach outdated and wish the company upgraded this feature.

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