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Effective Email Tracking

Mixmax offers you to measure the impact your B2B email marketing creates on the recipients. Apply specialized tracking software that is compatible with Gmail and other mailing systems to find out what content is most popular. Also, learn the most convenient time to read your messages. Mixmax email tracking software is suitable for users living in different time zones.

Insights & Notifications

This feature enables investigating the engagement with the help of valuable email insights. Find out which emails get more replies and interactions with the attachments. You can track link clicks and downloads and compare the results according to various crucial criteria. You will also receive notifications once you’ve decided upon which actions to analyze.

Chat & Email Together

A combined option of an email with a chat will help dynamic teams to move fast without having to leave their inboxes. Moreover, you can conduct email surveys to collect essential user data. Simply create a poll and embed it in your email.

Link Previews

You can not only observe which links your recipients click most often but also create beautiful previews so that they look great in your email copy.

Phone Dialer

You don't have to leave in your Gmail inbox or Salesforce account to make a call with Mixmax. It allows SDRs to log calls in your CRM without resorting to manual work.

Company Pricing

Mixmax pricing policy is hidden; the data is not available on the Internet. The only thing we know is that Mixmax offers a free 14-day trial. Alternatively, you can ask for a demo.

Company Review

Mixmax has a 4.3 rating, which means that, in general, clients are quite satisfied with its services and features. According to G2, people especially like the analytical data they get from sequences. The company offers detailed metrics that help B2B USA businesses leverage their marketing activities. Mixmax helps businesses to personalize their outreach and streamline their appointment setting process.

At the same time, there are some negative things that spoil the company’s reputation. For instance, launching multiple email sequences simultaneously might get your Gmail out of order. Additionally, it is impossible to monitor several sequences as the monitoring feature works only for one sequence at a time.

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