Company Services

  1. Reply is a perfect bulk email finder with AI-powered email sorting.
  2. The company provides ready-made templates to facilitate your email sequence creation. It is possible to design a great outreach sequence within an hour. 
  3. Reply allows for synchronization with major CRM systems and applies rich APIs and Zapier to keep the database regularly updated. 
  4. The platform offers an excellent email copy tutorial available at the Email Quality service to generate outstanding email copy that will drive conversions. 
  5. Reply provides workload management tips and tools that aim to facilitate your sales.
  6. You can track your campaign progress and apply the stats to improve your future campaigns.

Here are a few niches where Reply showed excellent performance: 

  • Inbound Sales - Reply helps to build meaningful relationships with leads and close more incoming sales. 
  • Outbound Sales - the platform is perfect for automating some parts of your outreach so that you can focus on the crucial ones.
  • Business Development - you can easily find potential business partners and establish solid communication with them.
  • Account Management - streamline your workflow and interact with your existing customers on a personal level.
  • PR & Link Building - the platform provides recommendations on great guest posting options and offers tips on how to pitch journalists. 
  • Staffing & Recruiting - you can find great candidates and interact with them on Reply. 

Company Pricing

Reply has a reasonable pricing policy and charges from $70/user/month. This package includes 1000 contacts per month. If you need more, be prepared to pay $90 per user per month to get 3000 contacts. You can also receive an unlimited number of contacts for $120/user/month. 

Company Review

Reply was included in the top 50 tools for sales in 2020, according to G2. At the same time, it has a relatively low rating compared to other companies on this review platform (4.4.) Customers like this email automation tool as it has a user-friendly interface and awesome features. However, they often complain about a bad Outlook exchange since some of its features are missing in Reply. For instance, there’s no archive that could help to start a new email sequence with the contacts who are currently in another campaign. You have to create it manually, performing lots of unnecessary actions. Furthermore, it is sometimes impossible to check dashboards; there are also limitations restricting the number of emails you can send daily. 

At the same time, Reply has a fantastic email validation feature. Users also love seamless exporting and importing of contacts. This allows for a quick CRM update once the campaign is over. You can also schedule emails in accordance with the recipient’s time zone. It is even possible to adjust the time if you have already started a campaign.

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VanillaSoft belongs to popular sales engagement platforms that help businesses generate awesome leads. It is a privately held company located in Texas. Its experts manage to engage circa 15,000,000 contacts every month. The company performs a variety of functions that have a great impact on sales. For instance, it allows for a quick response so that new prospects can stay engaged and never leave the website having their questions unanswered. Furthermore, VanillaSoft helps SDRs to have more meaningful and consistent interactions with leads. Numerous reps all over the world apply this progressive software to make the most of their sales opportunities. You will love the platform’s features, such as intellective routing and a powerful sales engine. Apply them to boost your sales results and increase your team’s productivity. You can use VanillaSoft as a separate tool or combine it with other CRM systems.


Yesware is a handy tool that aims to simplify your SDRs’ life. Its convenient toolkit will empower your sales team to perform better and spend less time on routine tasks. Yesware is great for meeting your monthly goals more easily. It automates numerous processes, allowing SDRs to focus on more essential activities. Your professionals will be able to schedule appointments in an instant and receive valuable tips on how to generate more leads. You will also get profound insights on what strategies perform better and which ones need to be updated or eliminated. Yesware is a tool that enables you to raise your expectations as soon as you see the first results and allows you to constantly improve your sales. Get acquainted with the firm’s services to find out how to do it.

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