Company Services

ringDNA delivers a wide range of services and tools that help your SDRs reach the desired outcomes. 

Sales Booster

You can access curated libraries of excellent interactions with potential customers and use them as your role model to build better relationships with them. Such an approach will also help you to identify critical context before starting a new conversation with your leads. 

Playbook Execution

Prioritize conversations with your audience using automated solutions from ringDNA. This includes sales playbook adoption and acting based on its principles. You can also set the frequency of calls and emails, depending on your specific relationships with a particular individual. You can also easily manage and adjust your campaigns.

Team Facilitator

Streamline operations within your team by using an AI-based conversation intelligence feature that provides valuable insights into individual and collective metrics.

Sales Coaching

Be sure to apply AI-powered assistance to gain 4X more conversations. The coaching feature will also help you pursue excellent opportunities and increase your revenue. You will be able to generate sales success metrics by using AI-based automation solutions from ringDNA.

Company Pricing

The company's pricing policy is not available, and further research didn't help to identify how much ringDNA charges for its services. You should request the pricing to find out how much you should pay to get all the above-mentioned features. 

Company Review

The company has a relatively low rating of 3.7, which means that some of its features contain b bugs that need to be fixed. According to customers’ reviews on G2, the company has excellent customer service that is always ready to help you out. It is always a pleasure to have all your problems solved in an instant by just reaching out to a company's operator.

The support team seems to have no difficulties with handling custom requests as well, which is a big plus. Furthermore, the software provided by ringDNA Can be easily integrated with the essential modern tools. 

Nevertheless, some customers dislike certain features the platform provides. For instance, numerous prospects get irritated when they cannot find out the prices when appointment setting, which turns them away. What is more, ringDNA’s interface sometimes gets users in trouble. The fact is, it takes lots of time to browse certain features when bugs occur in the system. As a result, so much time is spent on filing reports instead of finding new customers.

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