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Although SalesLoft features might resemble a marketing automation tool or a modern CRM system, it is neither of those. It is a sales engagement tool assisting your SDRs with creating awesome emails, excellent appointment setting, and interacting with your prospects from anywhere in the world. SalesLoft also allows for easy task tracking and logging. 

Here are the most important characteristics of SalesLoft’s most prominent features.

Cadence & Automation 

They streamline sales and all types of renewal processes

Dialer & Messenger 

They allow for extremely easy dialing in with just one click. You can also text your leads and customers from anywhere using a handy interface. 


This feature makes your forecasts more realistic by helping you collect relevant data and put it all together. With this feature, you won’t miss excellent opportunities.


They will help you to enhance your coaching skills using the profound insights from sales conversations and interactions with clients. 

Analytics & Reporting 

It’s essential to collect and review the outcome information to understand the needs of your clients. This feature will automate the process of data collection and make your analysis significantly easier.

All of the features mentioned above will help you achieve exceptional results.

Company Pricing

There’s no data on the Internet that could reveal SalesLoft’s pricing policy. The company probably uses a customized approach and provides its potential clients with a special offer tailored to their needs. The button on their website says, “Request a quote.” That’s all a mediocre user knows when they happen to land on SalesLoft’s website. 

Company Review

In general, people are satisfied with the company's services. They claim that SalesLoft truly cares about its prospecting lists and customers, providing them with convenient interfaces and useful features. SalesLoft helps businesses grow and implement scalable projects. They use the latest technological achievements and implement the most progressive outreach strategies. 

Although the platform is really great, there are minor frustrating details that make users leave negative reviews. For instance, it is not always possible to schedule sending messages, so sometimes, they get delivered to the recipients at the wrong time. Adding an email gating option would be great because many businesses send messages to customers all around the world - they live in different time zones. Additionally, the call interface disappoints some users as it is a little bit clunky. Nevertheless, the company has a robust reputation and quite good scores on review platforms, such as G2.

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