You shouldn’t also worry about missing an important event since the program will send you regular reminders. Furthermore, you will get awesome tips on how to boost your team’s productivity and enhance the ROI as quickly as possible.  

Salesflare works from any corner of the world, taking into account your time zone and your customers’ location. It is also mobile-friendly and compatible with most devices, such as a laptop or a tablet. The program can be easily synchronized with MailChimp, Slack, Google Apps, and Trello.

Company Services

Salesflare delivers fantastic solutions to businesses all over the world. Find out more about its services below.

Full Data Automation

Salesflare provides excellent data storage, keeping phone numbers and addresses of every single client safe and sound. You don't have to go to LinkedIn in order to search for your prospects’ contact data anymore. You can fully rely on Salesflare instead and watch the necessary data appear in your account with lightning speed.

Automatic Logging of Meetings & Calls 

There is no sense in manual reporting since you can log your phone calls and appointments. It will synchronize with your cell phone and calendar so that you do not miss any essential data.

Excellent Organization 

Salesflare is a perfect organizing tool — make sure that none of your essential documents get out of sight. You will see how quick it is to find any paper with this tool. It is also easy to exchange your files with customers without losing track. 

Company Pricing

The company has three packages, the first one of which is Growth. It costs $29 per user per month (when billed annually). You should pay $35 for it if you want to make payments once per month. Pro is Salesflare’s second package that costs $49/mo. You can also purchase it for $55 if you select a monthly payment plan. Finally, there’s an Enterprise package for $99 provided that you pay once a year. There is no monthly payment option for this plan.

Company Review

Salesflare has a decent rating on G2, which is 4.3. This company tends to satisfy its customers who like its specific features. For instance, they love launching new projects and testing the results, which appear to be quite good. This CRM proves to be a good choice for numerous small businesses. Users also appreciate the possibility to integrate it with the O365 features. As for the disadvantages, some customers do not like occasional bugs that slow down the platform’s operation.

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