Salesforce High Velocity Sales

High Velocity Sales is the platform’s service that aims to assist you with leading your sales team, building new sales cadences, sending automated email sequences, and boosting your overall results.  

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High Velocity Sales provides a solid knowledge base that contains the data entered by SDRs and other staff. You can easily access it to catch up on the conversation or write a personalized message. You will receive lots of coaching materials once you purchase this option. You will also be able to enable the playbook creation function. 

Furthermore, you will get coaching cards to train new employees. They will also help you to assign tasks more effectively. High Velocity Sales will also provide you with access to Leaderboard that showcases employees’ progress and rewards. Such an approach will help you motivate them without forcing them to compete too fiercely. 


Receive customer feedback and upgrade your offer based on your clients’ preferences. The program will allow you to edit videos and suggest further improvements.  


The feature contains a call recording option that is based on numerous client reviews and is tailored to their needs. You can record your calls for profound analysis and future reference, taking into account the most convenient time and device. Those can be a cell phone, a tablet, a desktop, or any other device. It is also possible to access your prospects in just one click, even the ones from other tools. High Velocity Sales provides integration with the world’s most popular programs, so you can access all of your contacts in one place. This feature will also enable the location generation function that increases the odds that your prospect will respond. 


Meet your customers’ expectations with this feature, extracting the data from an integrated base. You can easily prepare for a phone call or create a customized email using it. It is also possible to automate your emails and voicemails.

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If you want to find out about Salesforce pricing, you should visit their website and find High Velocity Sales there. It costs $75 per user per month.

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Customers like High Velocity Sales, so it received 4 out of 5 stars. They are fond of the platform’s synchronization with other tools and services, so their contacts, phone numbers, addresses, and calls are stored in one place. Moreover, the platform’s subscribers find it easy to take notes during a call or a meeting. They also enjoy automation, using voicemails to reach out to prospects who didn’t pick up the phone before.

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Salesflare is a smart CRM system loved by small businesses because it can significantly improve your funnel. There’s no more need to enter your data manually since the company has automated most processes. Your contacts will automatically appear on your list, and all your discussions will also be recorded with zero effort. The data is usually collected from social media, various B2B databases, calendars, etc. Your SDRs can focus on making calls, writing emails, and deepening relationships with existing and prospective customers.


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