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Content Management

Seismic helps B2B sales leads professionals select the right kind of content to suit their target audience’s tastes. Such an approach allows for more meaningful conversations with potential customers. The latter are happy to receive personalized, well-formatted pitches that address their biggest challenges. The company also helps to distribute the content across suitable channels.

Customer Insights

You can collect valuable customer insights using the company’s analytics tools. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary data, make sure to enable content automation and curation. Seismic makes it possible to find out which content brings more value and what pieces should be eliminated.

Seismic is an all-in-one platform that changes the team’s perspective on the complexity of performing their daily tasks. It guides the experts, making each step easy and achievable so that they become more efficient and sellers.

Content Automation 

Seismic platform is AI-powered, so you can easily synchronize your marketing and B2B outside sales efforts. Furthermore, numerous processes that used to take lots of time are now automated. For instance, Seismic templates already contain the necessary branding items in accordance with your brand book. There’s no need to consult it every time an SDR creates an email or paste your logo everything’s already embedded.

Company Pricing

Prices are revealed on the company’s website, You can try the platform for free, but you will have to select a suitable package once the trial period is over. There’s a package called “Content Camel” that costs $15 per user per month ($162 per user per year) and “Seismic” that will cost you $384-$780 per user per year. The free trial option is available for “Content Camel” only,  

Company Review

In general, Seismic is recognized among its users — its rating is 4.6 out of 5, which is pretty good. People like its user-friendly UI and the way folders and files are organized. Furthermore, Seismic delivers highly accurate and comprehensive data that is easy to analyze. It is also very easy to find the missing files. Seismic users also love creating beautifully customized infographics and provide their B2B sales leads with other kinds of pictorial representation. 

What is more, Seismic clients consider the company’s content management tools to be the best of the best due to a high degree of automation. Furthermore, they appreciate the company’s efforts to upgrade the tools to meet contemporary requirements. In other words, the company moves with the times.

At the same time, some clients leave negative reviews about Seismic. The thing is it sometimes takes too much time to download files from Seismic or load them online. Nevertheless, most Seismic customers are satisfied with its services.

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Koncert (ex. Connectleader)

ConnectLeader is a powerful platform helping companies in the B2B segment to boost their productivity up to 800% and enhance their sales engagement. It is well-known for robust sales acceleration, as well as effective qualification and generation of new leads. The company’s developers provide clients with efficient tools to identify the quality of leads, get accurate contacts, regularly update the customer base, and facilitate communication at all levels. ConnectLeader also provides sound advice on how to nurture leads properly, taking into account their niche-specific peculiarities. Moreover, the company suggests various lead engagement strategies to deepen the connection and make more sales as a result.


PersistIQ is a robust platform that specializes in email automation. You can create numerous personalized emails to meet the needs of your target audience. Founded in 2014, PersistIQ has helped small and medium teams to send bulk email campaigns and get great results. Facilitating the outreach efforts, PersistIQ allows for performing crucial tasks, such as A/B testing, sequence building, and analyzing the campaign results. The platform allows the integration with Copper, Salesforce, and Zapier, which means that your team’s workflow will get a powerful boost. PersistIQ is a perfect technology company that amplifies the human contribution to the sales process while automating routine tasks.

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