Company Services

  • effective lead generation, management, and integration;
  • seamless appointment setting;
  • logical branch scripting;
  • convenient dashboard displaying real-time activity;
  • ready-made email templates that are easy to adjust to your specific needs;
  • queue-based prospect routing;
  • dynamic caller scripts;
  • detailed web reporting;
  • thorough data segmentation;
  • stewardship automation;
  • bulk email creation;
  • multi-level selling.

VanillaSoft also has an incredible reputation for fundraising campaigns. A high degree of customization makes the software easily adjustable. Thus, you can tailor it to the specific needs of your campaigns. Moreover, the CRM’s intelligent workflow automation will boost your overall performance since the company does its best to implement the best practices and the latest technology to streamline its customers’ businesses. 

Company Pricing

VanillaSoft pricing is pretty democratic, as the company charges $80 per user per month. However, be prepared to pay $100 for the first user if you’ve never interacted with the platform before. 

Company Review

In general, customers like VanillaSoft since it provides a wide range of awesome options for business development and improving sales results. They especially enjoy its ready-made templates that are easy and fun to work with. The platform’s interface is also pretty user-friendly and rarely has bugs that can slow down the whole process. 

VanillaSoft also allows for making over 200+ calls per day and schedules appointments like no other tool. It is really easy to manage your calendar; the platform also provides comprehensive lead data in their profiles, so you will never get confused. It is also not difficult to create highly personalized messages and campaigns with VanillaSoft.

At the same time, the company has a relatively low rating on G2 (4.2.) The reason is, VanillaSoft customer service might drive anyone crazy. Sometimes the system is down, so it is impossible to get a quick reply from a manager. What’s even more frustrating, the company’s call center may also be unable to do their work due to technical malfunction. VanillaSoft also experiences issues with its dialing application. Not only do they slow down office workers, but they also hinder the work of remote employees who cannot make calls from home. Nevertheless, the company does its best to overcome the obstacles mentioned above and improve its operations.

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