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Yesware includes the following features: 

Valuable Insights

It is possible to track your emails with Yesware, which is especially important when you build solid relationships with your potential clients. You can see who opened your messages and when people prefer reading them. You can also find out what links your users clicked on and which attachments they downloaded. 

Workflow Optimization

Automated email sequences are Yesware’s incredible feature; it also provides an opportunity to create manual emails with a high degree of personalization. You can also schedule calls and custom touches and create awesome LinkedIn mails. 

Meeting Scheduler

You can schedule meetings quickly and effectively with Yesware. First, you can share a link and let your recipient select an appropriate time. Second, once they’ve made their mind, the meeting will automatically appear on your calendar.   

Follow-Up Templates

You shouldn’t worry about creating an appropriate template manually since you can use the ready-made options available at Yesware. They have nice designs and contain a professional email signature. Moreover, there are different templates for each stage of the sales process.

Powerful Integrations

Synchronize all of your favorite software in one click to connect the most effective tools and benefit from the cumulative effect. No more admin work is needed once you’ve installed Yesware on your team’s computers.  

You can get excellent results with Yesware if you properly apply the analytical data, identify what’s working and what’s not, and select an appropriate strategy to reach out to your business leads. 

Company Pricing

The company’s basic price for the Startup package is $35 per user per month. The Growth package contains more options and costs $60 per user per month (the most popular option!) Finally, the Enterprise package will cost you $ per user per month, offering advanced features and access to exclusive documentation. All of the fees mentioned above are charged annually. 

Company Review

Yesware has a rating of 4.2 on G2, which means that it generally provides quality services, but some of its aspects aren’t as good. For instance, many people say that they love the email format provided by the company because it allows them to come up with unique offers and branded content. Some users also say that it is a great tool that is totally worth the money charged for it. SDR teams apply Yesware on a daily basis and are able to scale their outbound campaigns. However, their software is sometimes full of bugs that need to be fixed.

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Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight in is an email tracking tool that is used by 250,000 clients all over the world. Cirrus insight will become your #1 tool if you’re looking for the alternatives to Gmail or Outlook. It contains much more features that are missing in the aforementioned services. For instance, you can customize your email templates to fit the needs of a particular campaign, create email drip campaigns, schedule follow-ups and meetings. Cirrus Insight is an all-in-one solution for businesses that are interested in rapid growth. It allows SDRs to establish better connections with potential and existing customers. Reach out to leads, attract new users with the help of warming campaigns, schedule appointments, and track which content is more popular among your readers. You will get top-notch Salesforce integration with the help of this service. No matter how busy your sales team members are, it will allow them to automatically sync all emails and meetings. They can also observe email opens and create records, such as prospects, opportunities, and contacts. In other words, Cirrus Insight will help your experts be more productive by facilitating their daily routine tasks.


Mixmax is a powerful workflow automation tool that significantly increases the number of qualified prospects in your database. Founded in 2014, the company has helped numerous businesses reach out to their target audience and get a response they expected to receive. In other words, Mixmax connects businesses with the most relevant leads and helps them establish a seamless interaction and smooth work processes. Automation by Mixmax will increase the number of prospects your firm can reach exponentially. At the same time, you will ensure a personalized user experience by meeting their specific needs. Mixmax will also assist you with enhancing your operational excellence. The company’s customers are ready to prove the efficiency of its services, reporting significant time savings. The latter range from 1 day up to 90 hours per week. Mixmax also skyrockets booking appointments (it’s 6 times faster than without the tool.)

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