About Anaplan 

Anaplan is a sales forecasting platform that offers various opportunities for businesses. This software improves business planning for Finance, HR, Supply, Sales, and Marketing teams, and it can also be used in multiple industries.

Anaplan is a startup founded in 2006 in England, and now it has its headquarter in San Francisco. It also has offices in 17 countries and 2,200 employees, and numerous fundraising rounds helped this company aggregate nearly $300 million. It boasts Irving Investors, Alta Park Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and other companies among its investors. The shares of Anaplan are traded on NYSE with the PLAN ticker. 

Frank Calderoni, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Anaplan's Directors, has over 30 years of leadership experience.

Anaplan Services 

Here are the essential functions that Anaplan offers to its users:

  • Financial planning

Nowadays, financial planning becomes more challenging as it becomes outdated by the time the plan is ready. But Anaplan easily overcomes this difficulty and offers a nearly immediate solution. That's possible due to having all the relevant information in one place. So, reliable analytics and various reports are always a couple of clicks away as well as your practical and data-driven decisions. However, users can also delegate cost management and profitability models creation to Artificial Intelligence. 

Anaplan doesn't make financial analysts work separately from sales and marketing teams. Instead, it offers them a shared space for sharing and structuring information that allows processing data in a more targeted way. A single pool of information makes reports consistent, reliable, and accurate. Moreover, it can detect the impact of external factors and prepare for market changes. 

  • Sales planning

Anaplan helps keep your team revenue-focused, showing them targeted quotas. Team leads can optimize the allocation of their sales reps and assign them to more important clients and projects. The AI model applies relevant market indicators against each account and then rates it for buying intent. Anaplan's algorithms match each client with the sales professional who possesses the most relevant skills and experience –– to reach better performance and grow the number of closed deals. 

Sales managers can assign the number of deals to close to each employee and keep it continuously updated as per various factors: changes in the market, account size, buying intent, preferences, etc. The platform estimates the outcome of each case, considering all input criteria. Another feature of Anaplan is the possibility to forecast results with data simulation. For example, what impacts could have increased or decreased the number of your sales representatives? 

  • Marketing planning

Marketing performance had to be the basis for financial decisions to align marketing strategy with sales efforts. Tracking ROI lets identify minor revenue-generating activities and focus on arrangements that work best. That's possible due to in-system monitoring of marketing signals and timely recommendations. The predictive insights feature allows companies can stay proactive about future scenarios, and such an estimate is based on historical data and recently generated relevant insights. 

Anaplan offers to adjust marketing plans on the go to keep the strategy in line with shareholders' requirements. Helpful dashboards and practical algorithms will help synchronize action plans and target numbers. Thus, decisions can be made much faster and concerning the objectives of other departments. So, with Anaplan, companies can optimize their marketing activities and respond to market change instantly. 

Anaplan Pricing

Anaplan offers two payment plans: Featured and Basic, but you can only get a custom quote. This way, you'll get the most effective solution for your enterprise. You can request a personal demo.

Anaplan Review

Users choose Anaplan for its flexibility, real-time features, and usability for various purposes like inventory planning, financial analysis, supply management, etc. Since Anaplan also offers an app, which allows its subscribers to access reports on the go. This tool got a four-star rating from G2.

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