About Clari

Clari is a revenue operations platform that makes business processes transparent, identifies risks, and grows the efficiency of sales and marketing activities. Many industry leaders successfully use Clari to synchronize their revenue generation processes and keep their teams more connected.

Clari was founded in 2012, and now its headquarter is located in Sunnyvale, California. By 2022, Clari has raised $271 million in 7 rounds. Its leading investors are HubSpot Ventures, Workday Ventures, B Capital Group, Sapphire, and others. Clari's CEO and Co-Founder Andy Byrne possess 19 years of experience in business and sales development and several founded startups. 

Clari Services

Clari platform offers solutions to various departments of an organization:

  • Sales management

The right point of view on a pipeline results in a better understanding of the current situation and more precious insights. And Clari's AI enables visualization of relevant activities and highlights risks on its informative dashboards. With this feature, marketers have a single data source to see how projects and deals move through sales funnels and what slows them down. 

Clari also allows setting KPIs, reviewing strategic goals, and monitoring the process of reaching critical sales metrics. Along with that, the platform helps sales reps devote more time to communicating to potential clients instead of uploading contact data into spreadsheets. This way, sales teams become more productive, proactive, and flexible, while revenue generation becomes more controllable and adjustable. 

  • Control over revenue

Businesses need to synchronize the efforts of sales, marketing, and customer care teams to get the best outcome. Clari's intelligent algorithms show both current and suggested coverage and forecast revenues for each project in progress. And with machine algorithms, such estimates are done equally fast and accurately –– whether for one or one thousand clients. Clark allows to break down sales forecasts across regions and products, so sales teams can optimize their efforts and focus on the most demanding sector. 

Another valuable aspect of Clari is that CRM data can be automatically updated through this tool once correctly integrated. This way, Quarterly Business Review (QBR) and weekly or biweekly One-on-One (1:1) meetings with each team member get supported by instantly generated reports. Clari can help identify potential gaps or risks in employees’ professional development and their perception of daily duties. 

  • Synchronization of marketing and sales teams

Growing revenues is possible mainly due to cooperation between marketers and sales reps. And Clari lands the helping hand of AI to reach the common ground. It offers complete visibility of the sales funnel and what processes your sales reps are currently involved in. Since Clari monitors touchpoints with clients, it imports contact data and links it to relevant sales or marketing opportunities.

  • Financial opportunities

With Clari, analysts can monitor the business's financial health across various indicators, track performance metrics, and trace critical factors. The platform allows generating revenue forecasts with a high confidence level, and in-house budget analysts can use them as a financial plan. Financial managers can leverage Clari's insights to keep business stable and minimize risks. 

  • Digital shift

It's valuable that Clari allows setting objectives and monitoring their achievement within one system. Moreover, the efforts of all teams can be focused on the same goals like, for example, launching a new product pre-selling campaign or going to the new markets. With AI at hand, neither marketers nor financial analysts have to spend hours entering data into Excel spreadsheets to deliver actual reports and share planned numbers –– Clari digitalizes all the data instead. 

Clari Pricing

Clari doesn't show any pricing plans, so you'll need to contact them through the website form to get a quote. Also, you can book a demo. 

Clari Review 

Users admire Clari for its integration with Salesforce, minimizing human efforts for data input into the CRM. Customers also like the informative dashboards and customizable list views that make the platform user-friendly. Multiple filters and groups allow users to get into the most detailed information. Clari boasts a nearly five-star rating on G2.

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