Company Services

Gong has managed to extend their service base in a mind-numbing fashion. They provide so many services that businesses of all sizes and shapes can get a custom package to satisfy their sales needs. The service menu from Gong includes employee training. A company sales department is only as good as the people working there. This is why it is important to equip the team with modern sales tips and skills and, more importantly, increase their knowledge base. The sales scene is one of the most dynamic spaces out there, and it is essential to consistently upgrade the experts, supporting a business’ sales strategy. The best part is that there are online training options provided by Gong company.   

Performance Management 

In business, data is everything. Knowing how to analyze it gives your company a significant advantage. Several performance metrics are available from, and they can be used to show the overall business efficiency. Besides, Gong is used to measure the performance of agents. It is done using artificial intelligence. It means there is very little room for error when you are using the performance management tool. 


Even though phone calls have been declining in the social scene, they are still one of the strongest business means available. As a result, you need all the supporting tools to ensure that the call strategy works. As part of the call support, Gong users get on-the-spot call recordings. Besides, machine learning enables call analysis and determines the strategy’s success. 

Company Pricing

Gong company uses a pricing structure personalized for each entity. It is a beneficial and welcome initiative. Most service providers make people pay a flat fee, and it might be a problem as companies end up getting services they won’t use as part of the package. The pricing structure from Gong only allows you to pay for the service that you will use. Talk about convenience. 

Company Review scores an overall 9.2/10 rating on G2, with a very high 9.3 ease-of-use rating. Most clients that have previously used the service recommend it. In terms of value, the company gets a total of 10. Customers say that the integration features are great and admit that the technology used is very advanced. As for the few negative reviews, customers claim that Gong’s flat fee does not suit them since they don’t need so many features. 

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