This startup was founded in 2010, and its primary office is located in Boston. InsightSquared is backed by 14 investors, including DFJ Element, Tola Capital, and Converge, and by December 2021, it has raised $50 million. The funds were received in 5 rounds, and the last series was in May 2018, and then the company had a money valuation of $100–$500 million. Its current CEO, Todd Abbott, was appointed in August 2020, while Fred Shilmover became the President of the company and its Board of Directors Chairman. 

InsightSquared Services

Here is the functionality that InsightSquared offers to its subscribers:

  • Dashboards with revenue operations

Comprehensive visualization of core metrics is a reliable decision driver. Whether at weekly briefings, monthly performance reviews, or Board meetings, sales teams will always be equipped with reliable data to share. With RevOps dashboards, top managers can focus on key numbers and trends. And real-time information will help them stay aware of the company's weak and strong points. Users can split AI-powered reports by types of businesses, products, regions, etc., and leverage the historical data stored in the system. 

  • Interactive reports

The 360° funnel view allows users to click on every number on the report and get more details about leads, contacts, upsells, and other indicators that led to the sales performance. Funnels can be viewed across products, business accounts, time frames, or roles in a company. And after viewing, it's vital to assign actions to sales reps and make sure they commit them right away. This will help move towards improvement of sales procedures and principles, developing healthy habits of your sales team. 

  • Monitoring sales

InsightSquared allows the automated transfer of customers' details into a CRM and auto-updates all information from emails, demos, or meetings with prospects. This way, managers can ensure that the system data is reliable and complete while their employees spend the saved 8% of their time moving leads through the pipeline and closing new deals. When assessing every deal becomes as easy as visualizing its every aspect, businesses can keep their sales healthy and make every customer journey an enjoyable experience.

  • Recording conversations

The key to a sales team's progress is in the possibility to monitor and analyze communications—especially the verbal ones. And to make this possible, InsightSquared introduces its searchable library with transcribed conversations between the sales reps and prospects. The written version helps define success and failure factors and then refer to them again or adjust the approach. It also is a great resource to train new employees to handle objections, make value propositions clear, communicate prices and terms effectively, and describe features the right way.

  • Efficient vs. effective revenue generation

Whether companies tend to get their target revenues efficiently, i.e., hit them as quickly as possible, or businesses prefer to be 100% effective in this way, InsightSquared can help. There are more than 100 predefined actions that managers can assign to team members. And, of course, there's always an opportunity for customization. But more impressive is the possibility to track which action had a negative or positive impact on the result. That's how each deal gets maximum engagement from the sales team within the defined time frames. And then, AI and ML algorithms identify the most successful selling technique and help sales reps get the most effective habits.

InsightSquared Pricing

The platform offers only personalized pricing for the solution that meets your sales team's requirements. And you can get it through the contact form. Also, you can book a demo. 

InsightSquared Review

Users love the customizable visualization features and useful filters available upon connection to the CRM. InsightSquared offers compatibility with Salesforce, which is crucial for many customers as it brings in more analytics and metrics for assessing performance. This tool has a four-star G2 rating.

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