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Automation is the future. One of the crucial resources in the business industry now is time, and knowing how to save it is crucial. Automation allows you not only to save time but a lot of money. There is nothing that is as admirable as consistency in any business niche. If there is one tool that not only aids but improves stability, it is automation.  


One of the key elements of CRM Monday is freedom. Not all businesses are the same. Some require more latitude in terms of control, and understands it. This is why the company allows you to create custom roles and manage them with ease. As part of the management features, platform users can create tasks, track their progress, prioritize some tasks over others, and more importantly, if you have assignments that need to be done frequently, you won’t have to set them up every time. The recurring tasks feature allows users to manage repetitive errands with a couple of clicks. Besides, the Monday app feature allows anyone to implement the dashboard widgets, integrations, board views to meet the needs of each company’s individual workflow.

Company Pricing

There is no CRM tool available on the market right now that is as efficient as  The best thing about it has to be the price. The fact that for as little as $8 per month, you can get a subscription is quite mind-numbing. The $8 package might be underwhelming in terms of price. But when it comes to value for money, no package comes close. If you want the full package, though, you might need to part with just $10. The two-dollar value difference might be small. But the service quality improves, so it’s reasonable to consider the full package.

Company Review

The 9.1 ease of use rating that comes with the CRM Monday is well-deserved. It is thanks to the genius UI and user-centric design of the platform. In terms of value for money, scores an undoubted ten, and the same can be said about their customer support. If there were ever a perfect CRM service provider, it would be


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