About People.ai

People.ai is a SaaS platform that improves revenue and profitability metrics, making them more predictable and reliable. This AI tool allows companies to automate data, generate insightful reports, track the activities of employees, and arrange their coaching. People.ai also introduces its PeopleGlass app that helps users upload data to Salesforce CRM via traditionally looking spreadsheets. Please be advised that People.ai isn't the same startup as People.io, which stopped its operation in 2019. 

People.ai was founded in 2016 by Oleg Rogynskyy, who has years of experience in growing startups. The company opened its headquarters in San Francisco and has raised $200 million. Its leading investors are Akkadian Ventures, Mubadala Capital Ventures, ICONIQ Capital, and others. The latest funding was raised in August 2021, and in December 2021, People.ai invested in Mnemonic, Inc.

People.ai Services

People.ai introduces fantastic features like AI-Powered Automation, Role-Based Workflow, Security&Trust, and Revenue Operations & Intelligence (ROI). And, of course, it offers solutions for several teams within a company:

  • For sales teams

Having reliable forecasts and benefitting from predictable outcomes is now possible with People.ai. Its artificial intelligence can make sales representatives superior and identify result-driving activities. The algorithms of this platform run as sales teams work, delivering insights from current activities and historical data. Such an approach helps determine how teams achieve set business goals and analyzes how effectively they do it. 

Each item in the set of performance indicators can be customized to fit any industry and workflow. So, managing leading indicators and tracking deal scores help to reconsider approaches to productivity and consider the nuances of selling procedures. And, once individual performance needs coaching, seasoned sales reps can focus on the most demanding deals and move them through the pipeline. People.ai's comprehensive account maps won't leave a chance to miss client information and minimize manual data input. While the scores attributed to such cards will signal actions that should be taken to keep prospects engaged.

  • For marketers

An extensive contact base is essential for any marketing strategy, and People.ai's auto-update algorithms keep client databases healthy and updated. That's possible because this software extracts new data from the meeting minutes and emails of marketing teams, and this feature is called SmartContacts™. A similar approach is used to update current CRM leads – called SmartMatch™. People.ai also minimizes mismatches between marketers and sales reps, making touch points comfortable for both teams. 

This way, marketing specialists can timely identify warm leads with high buyer intent and transfer them to sales professionals, skipping some traditional process stages and growing ROI. People.ai also helps determine whether marketing or sales reps should be the first to communicate new contacts. Marketing departments become aware of revenue-generating activities and impact profits while the system shows the optimal number of clients for one sales rep. 

  • PeopleGlass

Salesforce tabs are numerous and challenging, while Excel spreadsheets are so convenient. That's why People.ai made a solution to marry them and offer its customers a mix of user-friendly experience and superior CRM functionality. Moreover, PeopleGlass offers bulk upload so that managers won't spend extra time on page-by-page updates. And if specialists need to leave some comments or notes in private, they can insert additional columns which won't be synchronized with Salesforce. Users can create working space following their business needs and personal preferences, customizing forms, sheets, and metrics. This includes pre-built templates for various roles across your working space. 

People.ai Pricing

You can launch a free PeopleGlass trial version in a browser, logging in with your Salesforce account, or request a demo. 

People.ai Review

People.ai's integration with Salesforce offers insights into the corporate processes that no CRM can give. With this tool, users also can monitor how productive each sales rep is, ensuring that all sales team members work at their best. These features helped People.ai get the 4.5-star G2 rating. 

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