Saleschoice is a platform that specializes in improving sales. You can install it on your CRM very quickly. It analyzes all the necessary data within your CRM. Such analytics help adjust and improve sales statistics. Therefore, the AI insights platform gives you the most promising forecast for increased sales.

The company has received high ratings and customer loyalty. The hard work of highly-qualified employees helps such success. Existing programs and tools organize the process on new schemes. You will get effective and simple steps to improve profitable operations. 

Saleschoice works based on thoughtful and predictable decisions. Reliable forecasts will easily help to ameliorate the company's profit position. Thus, you can model the situation and make the right decision, identifying priority possibilities. As a result, you will be able to increase conversions and basic revenue.

SalesChoice Services

  • Value Proposal

An easy-to-understand and simple-to-use platform offers solutions to increase income. It conducts analytics, gives direction and confidence in your actions.

  • Forecasting

The company predicts future sales using artificial intelligence. You can compare your forecasts with SalesChoice forecasts based on created graphs.

  • Opportunity and Quality

Business owners may not meet their goals and see an increase in conversions. Therefore, the platform can influence win rates by focusing on the quality of opportunities over time.

  • Coaching and Account

Managed coaching from the company can raise the chances of success in sales. In addition, the company analyzes accounts and combines them with activities. Such actions lead to an improvement in the sales situation in general.

  • Data Completeness & Personality Culture

The platform helps achieve a complete analysis of real-time data with a forecast for the future. In addition, a culture of communication with customers will improve the result.

SalesChoice Pricing

The company's website contains a separate page regarding prices. It is a pleasant surprise because not every company likes to show prices. So, the price is from $50/month per user. You have the opportunity to try for free once. Free support and training become available to the user after purchasing a subscription.

The company also offers a premium subscription for an additional amount. The setting will incur a one-time fee of $100 per user. All other service packages are additional and require fresh funds. Besides, you must make a payment each time at the beginning of the month. So, you can use a calculator to determine the cost.

SalesChoice Review

With a 5-star rating on G2, Saleschoice helps many B2B organizations when financial results are striving for better. It creates a great history of predictive analytics for customers. The platform helps your business and speeds it up. Thanks to this engine, you can not only attract but also retain profitable customers. It helps to achieve better revenue through higher sales. An effective forecast will contribute to such results. 

The platform does not require too much effort to master and is easy to utilize. It can predict your further action and add confidence in income using AI. You can identify and reduce certain sales risks. The company ranks high among its competitors based on a five-star G2 rating and user feedback.

Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.