Sales Director AI is a software tool that offers exceptional sales analytics and data visualization. It does the routine work for sales reps, simplifying the workflow due to integration with multiple other platforms. Revenue-generating employees can save around 25% of their time, enjoying data uploading to corporate CRMs.

This company was founded in 2017 with headquarters in Irvine, California. It was backed by top venture investors of the Alchemist Accelerator and founded by Barbar Batla and Arnulf Hsu. Isaac Garcia, SalesDirector's CEO, has impressive experience running B2B SaaS businesses and consulting tech companies at their early stages. Services

The Sales Direct platform offers customized solutions for several departments in a company:

  • For Sales Teams

AI helps sales teams see their pipelines and understand the challenges and risks behind them. This is possible due to the sentiment analysis and identification of all relevant buyers for each funnel that Artificial Intelligence does for your sales reps. Users can see each customer’s status, insights, and milestones with brief recommendations on missing contact information and following actions. The functionality of this software also allows everyone to stay updated about current projects. 

With, team members can receive notifications in Slack or SMS – whether it is a reminder or request for the coach's advice. AI algorithms show negative and positive outcomes for your sales projects, estimating revenues at the quarter or year-end. Also, the machine learning intellect offers the most effective strategies and action plans based on the best-case outcomes of similar cases in the past. 

  • For Marketing Teams boasts a CampaignHub module to equip marketing managers with all functions they can need during various ad campaigns. One of the most prominent features of this tool is that it translates your leads, opportunities, and outreach into dollars. This way, managers can see all their efforts in numbers and better understand what really brings value to their company. Assessing every campaign from a bird's eye view highlights the balance of input and obtained results measuring its current effectiveness.

This platform is a great instrument to align the efforts of marketing and sales reps, so marketers can double-check the contact list and status of each deal to identify leads that weren't engaged. With all the data in one place, teams can trace how marketing activities impact conversions and help generate revenue. This information helps understand the exact touch-points between the two teams and makes this cooperation even more efficient. With decent visualization of the opportunities, companies won't have a chance to miss new leads or leave current customers unattended for a long time.

  • For Customers

Proper input, storage, and visualization of each customer's data help to enhance the ABM (account-based marketing approach). Since most of the information is added automatically into the system, it shows all client's interactions with the product or service, all support tickets, sentiment analysis, and even evaluates risks on the same dashboard. This option also involves AI assistance which shows every user (including investors, sponsors, shareholders, decision-makers, influencers, etc.) who relate to each deal or project.  

Another representation of customer data lets users see all costs related to each client resulting from sending emails, arranging internal and external

meetings, making calls, and doing follow-ups. automatically tracks time and converts it into incurred costs. This allows managers to see which accounts are more or less prospective and adjust the efforts. Such opportunities are opened due to automated data entry into corporate CRMs. Moreover, this platform tracks sales activities and associates them with each project, enabling pre-defined and customizable opportunity fields. Pricing

This platform offers the basic Activity Capture plan with extensive functionality for $29/user/month. More features like Revenue Insights (modules connected to your CRM) and Revenue API (integration with third-party tools) are available for additional fees. And to learn those fees, you need to contact Review

Users choose this platform because it keeps all customer-related data in one place, offers integration with Salesforce and other CRMs. also provides valuable metrics like pipeline coverage and unengaged prospects. possesses a 4.2 G2 rating.

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