There are hundreds if not thousands of CRM tools on the market right now. Finding the perfect one for your business might be complicated. Well, it could have been difficult, but with the introduction of Salesflare, all that has changed. Salesflare is an intelligent CRM tool that makes use of machine intelligence to bring more efficiency to the sales funnel, get more business leads, and, in turn, increase company profits. Salesflare has one of the widest range of services when it comes to the CRM space. As a result, it has got lots of positive customer reviews.

Company Services

  • Information Categorization 

One thing about businesses, especially modern-day businesses, is the sheer amount of data that has to be processed, organized, and stored. Having a manual means of keeping these large volumes of data in check can be complicated. As a result, there is a need to acquire a tool to cope with data categorization. Salesflare provides a unique technique that allows the system to ensure that B2B leads and customer data is sorted to improve efficiency and overall performance. One of the strongest advantages of the data categorization feature is the fact that Salesflare will store individual client data into personal folders.

  • Phone Call and Email Logs

One thing that is time-inefficient is task reporting. For most companies, once a call has been made, or an email has been sent, there is a need to manually log in the information for future reference. Well, if you are using Salesflare, you do not need to manually type and add the details. The Salesflare automatic logging tool does all this for you. It is connected to the calendar and will keep tabs on the phone calls you make. If you prefer online meetings, the tool will handle this with ease, too. 

  • Customer Follow-up

One thing that is essential to note is that it is rare to get a business lead and turn it into a paying client with one shot. It means from the first point of contact up until sales lead conversion, there is a need for consistent communication. Manual follow-up is one of the most inefficient strategies for any business. Salesflare offers a state-of-the-art customer system that allows companies to automate and schedule polite follow-up B2B email marketing samples based on the responses from the client. 

Company Pricing

There are three main plans available on the Salesflare platform. The Growth plan costs $29 per month, the Enterprise plan is $99 per month. The most popular option, though, is the $49 per month Pro plan. The latter plan has managed to gather steam and resulted in a lot of people using the platform. 

Company Review

Salesflare has a 4.7 rating on Capterra, which is a pretty good rating. According to customers, the best part about Salesflare is the ease of use. There is no need to have the technical expertise to utilize the tool. It is one of the best CRM platforms, and we recommend that you select a plan according to your needs and enjoy the service. 

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