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One of the strongest points that have made Salesforce a whale in the CRM space is its data analytics feature. If there is one thing about running a modern business that cannot be left to chance, it is data collection. One thing about the Salesforce tool Tableau is that it works excessively well. The data analytics feature allows you to do marketing monitoring, sales managing, and even productivity checks.

The fact that the team decided to add dashboards to the whole data catalog is another masterstroke. Having all the essential information that influences your business growth at hand is the dream. Intelligent data preparation is also another highlight that we have to talk about. The skilled Salesforce team has created a system that makes even the most complex data accessible and clear for anyone. It is done using graphs, charts, and other forms of data presentation to get the point across.


The two main marketing tools are part of the Salesforce package: Marketing Cloud and Slack. They have earned appraisal thanks to their sales process acceleration. Couple that up with the social studio, mobile marketing, and interaction studio features that are also part of the Salesforce marketing package - and you get nothing but the excellent marketing solution. The main aim of Salesforce services is to increase your product reach in record time. With the quality of resources that come with the marketing feature, achieving this will be a breeze.

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For a service as amazing as Salesforce, you would think that charges are astronomical. Looking at the quality of the product, we would not blame you for assuming the worst in terms of pricing. But the good news is that there are so many packages available that you are bound to find the suitable one for your business. The best part is that you can pick out individual features essential for your company. If you are not sure what to choose, you can also start with a free trial.

Company Review

Salesforce has a 4-star rating on G2, which isn’t bad provided that there are 15,488 reviews about the company. 

Overall, Salesforce is a top-tier CRM platform. The team has got a number of reviews and awards to back this up. The reason why the service remains at the top is their impeccable customer service. If you are looking for a CRM service that makes you feel special and premium, Salesforce is for you!

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