Any business is only as good as the relationship it has with its customers. If the client-provider relationship is below par, the profits and financial returns will follow the same pattern. It makes it essential for companies to invest in CRM tools like Capsule. The three main aims of the product are to improve client and business relationships, save time, and bring more revenue. If the reviews of this service are anything to go by, then we have to say the company is doing a great job in achieving all three objectives. 

The Capsule was founded in 2009. Over the years, the number of employees has steadily grown. As of today, Capsule has more than 30 staff members. The company has also expanded beyond the Manchester, UK border, and even crossed continental borders. Currently, the company has over 10,000 paying customers that enjoy a wide range of services.

Company Services

  • Online Reminder Tool 

If you run a business, you agree that time is of the essence. That is why there is a need to have time management tools in place to plan accordingly and, more importantly, increase efficiency. The reminder service from Capsule, which comes with a calendar, is an online tool that allows you to keep tabs on all the essential activities that you should be doing to enable your business to grow. One thing that customers hate is losing time. With the Capsule online reminder tool, wasting time is one thing you won’t do. The fact that it can be synced with other services makes it perfect. 

  • Email Marketing

To generate decent revenue, business communication should be on top. It means that it has to be handled with expertise and care. That is what Capsule provides. The tool offers one of the best email marketing strategies. It allows businesses to schedule emails and automatically send them to recipients. This feature saves time and, more importantly, keeps customers engaged, building long-term relationships.

  • Data Analysis

In the business area, industry data is everything. Analyzed, well-presented data is everything and more. The data analysis tools that are part of the Capsule package allow companies to have graphically presented data that is easy to read and comprehend. It makes forecasting and problem-solving quite easy.

Company Pricing 

Starting at $18 per month, Capsule can easily be one of the most affordable CRM tools on the market right now. For $54, you can get the Capsule Enterprise package. The latter comes with 40 GB user storage, custom training, and assistance, amongst many other features.

Company Review 

The capsule has an overall review of 4.5 on Capterra, thanks to the excellent customer service and ease of use that comes with the service. For the price, Capsule provides one of the best CRM services. So if you are looking for a customer relationship management system that is both affordable and efficient in handling multiple sales, seek no more. However, some clients report slow customer support, which seems to be an exception.

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