About Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday is a tool for planning corporate processes and finances. This platform helps managers gain insights from the analysis and plan budget and resources more efficiently. Industry giants like Gartner and Forrester gave Workday a high ranking, while users appreciate its interface and easy setup.

Workday is a US-based startup based in Pleasanton, California. It was founded in 2003 and raised $230.6 million in 2011. Its leading investors are Bezos Expedition, Morgan Stanley, Janus Capital Group, and others. Workday went public in 2012. It has two Co-CEOs: Aneel Bhursi and Chano Fernandez.

Workday Adaptive Planning Services

The list of Workday's solutions is impressive, and by the roles of its users, the platform offers:

  • For IT teams

The pressure on CEOs and IT departments is growing, and digital transformation has become a new reality for every organization. And Workday's cloud service helps embrace this shift and speed up converting documents and data into digital format. Along with that, business processes also need to be digitized, and with the Workday tool, companies can do that almost effortlessly, leveraging its cloud-based architecture. The cycle of making decisions now takes less time since processes become more flexible and responsive to adjustments. 

Which, in its turn, gives more room for making real-time changes and enhancing the analytical capacities of tech teams. The adaptable architecture creates favorable conditions to keep all the workflows running smoothly. This system can support billions of transactions, ensuring 99%+ availability. And to have access to data 24/7, businesses need to keep it private and secured in compliance with current regulations. Organizations can have this in place with a set of control features of Workday. 

  • For finance teams

Market conditions change rapidly, and one of the main challenges of financial managers is to react to them fast too. For helping companies meet the technical expectations of their customers, Workday worked out its extensive functionality for the banking sector, investment management, and insurance companies. Now managers can experience new business models, incorporate more cost-efficient approaches to operations, benefiting from keeping all the numbers in one place. And advanced AI technology behind this platform opens multiple opportunities for generating various reports. 

Workday helps businesses stay compliant with core regulations while shifting to the digital paradigm. And advanced algorithms behind report-generators are aimed to reflect real-life conditions using the actual data. This way, forecasts ensure that businesses continuously move to their financial goals being supported by best practices. Managing costs and budgeting financial flows with this automation tool help make data-driven financial decisions, adjust operations, and move towards new requirements.  

  • For HR teams

Human Resource managers face numerous challenges and have to reconsider patterns of cooperation with employees. And Workday is a perfect tool for this purpose, so the transformation of working spaces and changing approaches to working resources becomes easy. Now optimized allocation of teammates is done in seconds due to artificial intelligence. By choosing employees with proper skills and experience, managers can rely on data instead of intuition and emotions, thus matching people and positions more precisely. 

And HR services can be delivered more effectively, offering a more personalized and inspiring experience to potential and current specialists. Workday solutions assist workforces in meeting growing business demands and minimizing the gap between the possessed skills and corporate requirements. Workday helps managers demonstrate that they value their employees and are ready to offer flexible time-tracking and payment solutions. So, with this platform, businesses can understand and control everything that happens with their employees. 

Workday Adaptive Planning Pricing

You'll need to contact the sales expert on Workday's website to get a quote. Both short and extended video demos are available. 

Workday Adaptive Planning Review

Users like this tool because it's an easy-to-setup one. Workday offers a great cloud-based alternative to Excel enhanced with a possibility to integrate with any CRM or ERP. Advanced and customizable reports, user-friendly dashboards, and financial planning feature give this platform nearly five stars from G2. 

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