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Delante is a reputable SEO agency based in Krakow, Poland. The agency was founded in 2014 and has already helped thousands of customers across the globe to tackle their SEO and SEM challenges with ease. And, one more thing you need to know about Delante SEO and SEM agency is that it has been listed as one of the top 8 global large SEO agencies in 2020. This fact alone speaks for the agency’s reputation better than any words. According to the agency’s website, the team of Delante has four core missions - to help businesses become more visible online, attract more traffic, generate more leads, and, as a result, get better sales results. To attain all these goals, Delante offers a wide range of SEM and SEO solutions that can ensure business scalability and success. The agency serves the needs of businesses of different sizes and covers a large number of industry verticals, promising an individual and effective approach to every client regardless of the niche.

Delante Services

  • SEO

The first category of solutions offered by Delante is all about leveraging smart SEO techniques for business growth. This category includes such features as e-commerce, long tail, and international SEO. Also, the agency offers custom link-building solutions, SEO audit, SEO consulting, content plan development, core web vitals audit, SEO setup, SEO copywriting, link-building audit, and WordPress website speed-up services.

  • SEM

The second category spans everything related to SEM. This category also includes several service options to help every business find something they need. Namely, Delante can conduct an in-depth Google Ads Audit for you to help you identify and fill the gaps in your strategy. Also, the agency’s experts can help you with Google remarketing, Google Ads, Google Shopping, and CSS.

Delante Pricing

Since companies like Delante customize their services and solutions for each client, the rates are not fixed. What is more, there is absolutely no information about Delante pricing on the agency’s site.

To find at least some details concerning Delante pricing, you can check various reviewing platforms like Clutch. According to them, the approximate hourly rate for the agency’s services will cost you between $50 and $99.

Nevertheless, to have a more accurate calculation, you will need a custom quote. You can request it straight from the website’s home page by providing your domain, email, and phone number. After you submit the form, the company’s representatives will get back to you with a custom offer within the next 48 hours.

Delante Review

For those who are new to this agency and want to read at least one honest Delante review to learn more about it, there are some testimonials shared in the carousel on the website. All of them are positive, which is not surprising. But, apart from this, the agency provides many stats and case studies that can also be helpful in your research. So, don’t hesitate to start familiarizing yourself with Delante from its website.

After you study the information provided on the agency’s site, it will be nice to look for another Delante review posted on an unbiased platform. For example, there are over 70 testimonials on Clutch, where Delante is rated with 5 stars out of 5. More reviews can be found on Facebook and a few other platforms with reviews. But, the largest amount of testimonials can be found on Google (180+). Here, the agency rating is slightly lower - 4.9 stars, which indicates that not all customers are 100% satisfied. There are also some negative opinions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

Can you guarantee the number of appointments you set?

Being an acquisition partner and providing guarantees is one of our competitive advantages. Before you sign up, we will tell you how many appointments we can schedule per month in your industry and calculate the estimated cost per appointment.

What happens if you don’t fulfill the commitment?

Our average conversion from a Lead to an Appointment is at 1-2%, based on 5,000 different campaigns for 20 industries and 250 clients. We know that 500 leads translates into 5-10 appointments booked. If we don’t hit the target over the course of 4 weeks, we work at no cost for you, generating more leads, starting more conversations with prospects until we get the job done.

What’s the average appointment acquisition cost?

Typically, our clients report it to be from $200 to $400. However, this number can be lower or higher, depending on your target audience and the value proposition. You can talk to one of our experts and receive a quote tailored specifically to your business.

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