Direction Services

  • SEO

First of all, the team of Direction specializes in providing professional search engine optimization services. The agency’s SEO services are designed to help businesses increase brand awareness, connect with the right audience, build up authority, and drive more leads and revenue.

  • Web Design

Another type of service provided by Direction is Web Design. The agency employs a team of skilled designers who can help your brand acquire the perfect digital representation, improve branding, and, thus, improve the customers’ experience. By requesting this service, you will get a well-organized WordPress website that comes along with on-page SEO optimization for even better results.

  • Local SEO & Reputation Management

Finally, the last type of service you can get from Direction includes Local SEO & Reputation Management. These two services are there to help businesses ensure that potential customers find their locations with ease and that their reputation remains flawless at all times.

Direction Pricing

Unfortunately for new visitors who have never worked with this agency before, the information about Direction pricing is not being presented on the company’s website. There are quite many details concerning the services and solutions offered by Direction. But, if you will want to learn more about the cost of these services, this information is mostly hidden.

The only detail concerning the price that you can find on the agency’s site is that the rates for Direction Local SEO and Reputation Management services start from $60/month.

According to some other resources and the agency’s reviews, the average Direction pricing ranges between $100 and $149 per hour. But, in order to discover the real rates, you will need to schedule a discovery call, during which one of the agency’s managers will tell you more about their offers and rates.

Direction Review

In case you are looking for a professional SEO services provider, but have never tried the Direction services before, the best way to learn more about the agency is to read a Direction review from a real customer. Customer reviews can tell you much more than any other words, so don’t hesitate to spend some time searching for reviews. 

Unfortunately, the agency doesn’t share any testimonials on its website. There is a separate page with a portfolio that can show you some work samples, but if you are interested in reading testimonials, you will have to look outside the website.

One fact that is rather disappointing is that finding even one truly unbiased Direction review on the web is rather hard. There are some reviews available on Clutch and Facebook. But, it looks odd to see that every single one of these reviews is 100% positive, which is why Direction has the highest rating of 5 stars out of 5.

One way to explain such a large number of positive reviews is that the agency itself specializes in reputation management. What is more, if you spend more time on research, it is possible to find a couple of neutral and negative reviews. So, we can conclude that the Direction’s reputation really isn’t as flawless as it can seem at the first sight.

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