HigherVisibility Services

  • SEO Services

First and foremost, HigherVisibility can help your business scale by taking it higher up in the search results pages, thus driving plenty of organic traffic and new leads right to your website.

  • PPC Management

For effective online advertising, the agency also offers custom PPC management solutions. The team of HigherVisibility can help your business plan and implement effective PPC campaigns on various channels.

  • Website Design

In case you need a well-designed website that your visitors will love, HigherVisibility can help with that.

  • Social Media

HigherVisibility offers its clients an easy way to manage their social media. By requesting the agency’s social media services you can boost your social media presence, attract more followers, and, most importantly, boost revenues.

  • Link Building

For even better SEO outcomes and even more traffic, the team of HigherVisibility also offers businesses to leverage off-site optimization in the form of link-building.

  • Conversion Optimization

The agency’s CRO service is designed to help you ensure that your website users take the action. Conversion optimization is the process of routing the site visitors in such a way that they transform from regular users into actual buyers.

  • Local SEO

For businesses that find it important to make sure that more prospects find their stores or offices, HigherVisibility offers professional local SEO services that will help your locations rank higher and be easier to find for users.

  • Local Listings

When it comes to listing your business’s information in directories, it is vital that the name, address, phone number, and any other information is accurate and HigherVisibility is there to help. The agency offers businesses to manage their listing in order to improve the outcomes of local searches.

  • eCommerce SEO

For e-commerce brands, HigherVisibility has a separate SEO solution. The agency’s e-commerce SEO service is there to help businesses in this sector to improve online sales and grow their revenues.

  • Franchise SEO

One more service offered by HigherVisibility is Franchise SEO - a special search engine optimization solution designed specifically for franchisees looking to drive more sales and leads without a hassle.

  • SEO Auditing

The experts from HigherVisibility also perform professional SEO auditing to help businesses analyze the performance of their websites and get expert advice on remediation opportunities.

  • Penalty Recovery

Lastly, HigherVisibility also helps businesses recover after receiving penalties from search engines. The penalty recovery can get rather tough, but HigherVisibility is there to make it simple for you and ensure that you recover with minimum effort and loss. 

HigherVisibility Pricing

When it comes to HigherVisibility pricing, there is not much a regular user can learn. Unfortunately, this information is not being provided on the agency’s site.

After long and in-depth research, there are only three things we know about HigherVisibility pricing - the agency offers a number of handy SEO tools free of charge, the average price range per hour is between $100-$149, and in order to learn more and get a custom quote, a customer needs to schedule a consultation with one of the agency’s representatives.

HigherVisibility Review

In case you were looking for customer feedback about this agency, there is a separate HigherVisibility review page right on the website. From this page, you can learn what existing and former customers say about HigherVisibility. However, don’t take them for granted. All the reviews on this page are taken from Google and, unsurprisingly, the agency shared only 5-star reviews.

To find a more unbiased HigherVisibility review, we recommend checking on Google and Clutch. On both platforms, there are quite many testimonials that can tell you a lot about this company. Namely, on Clutch there are 10+ reviews and a total rating of 4.8/5. The situation on Google is a bit different - the rating is 4.5/5 based on 100+ testimonials. Based on this, we can say that the nature of HigherVisibility reviews varies. There are both positive and negative testimonials.

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Information obtained from publicly accessible sources. Any data interpretation is our opinion.