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What do clients say about Belkins?

Listen to our clients’ stories and learn how the Belkins approach helped them grow their businesses.
Jon Reidar
CEO at Labrador CMS
Information Technology & Services

50+ Apps Booked, Meeting with Google, and 85% Email Open Rate Achieved for a CMS Provider

Outside Norway, we didn’t have any employees with knowledge of our media industry. Belkins helped us reach out to more potential B2B clients, created a lot of contacts for us, and generated numerous meetings with organizations like Deutsche Zeitung and Google.
Email Open Rate
Trent Waskey
Director of Growth Marketing
at Cloud MSG
Information Technology & Services

Multi-Million Size Deals and New Industry Targets Discovered for AI Tech Help Company

We had a number of challenges that were common for any company - we wanted more leads, we wanted better leads. We partnered with Belkins, and ever since, our growth has been fantastic. They did great research and helped us reach out to very qualified leads and companies.
Increase in Deal Size
Appointment Rate Increase
Zachary Daniels
Head of Professional Division
at Airthings
Information Technology & Services

95% Appointment Rate Increase for Hardware Company Previously Stuck on Lead Gen

We target a very specific and small industry, a tight-knit group. Reaching this group with the right wording required a dedicated person, and I couldn’t spend all my day talking on the phone. Belkins delivered us the experience I hoped to receive. The leads have been great and we have sales from them.
Appointment Rate Increase
Lead Conversion Boost
Paula Stranges
Operational Business Advisor
at TeamMate AI
Information Technology & Services

Small AI Company Overcomes Huge Growth Barriers and Books First Prospects With the Help of Belkins SDRs

With our small business, we have been trying to utilize and press our resources against the best ways possible to grow our business. Belkins provided us with great leads. Their team is very knowledgeable. I got a new appreciation for the role of Sales in business growth.
Lead Generation Increase
Business Growth

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  • What is Belkins B2B lead generation agency?
    Belkins encompasses in-depth lead generation to deliver the most accurate sales leads as well as high email deliverability to support powerful outbound marketing campaigns. Strategic steps to book appointments, reduce no-shows, and close more deals generated online - this is also what we are experts in.
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