Episode #19. When and why you need to start outsourcing with Daniel Ramsey

Talking Business Growth with Belkins
Season 1
Aug 20, 2020
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The guest of the day is Daniel Ramsey.

CEO of MyOutDesk Inc.

Daniel is a long-time licensed real estate broker, mortgage broker, and general contractor who’s sold hundreds of homes. Back in 2008, he was inspired by his own time-management struggles to find a better way to help agents leverage their time & energy, and created MyOutDesk to provide a trusted, reliable solution to the office administration, marketing & prospecting tasks that every agent has.



MyOutDesk is one of the largest & most trusted virtual assistant staffing companies in the USA, with over 6,000 clients across industries including real estate, mortgage, IT/tech, human resources, healthcare, and more.

What will you learn?

  • The benefit of outsourcing to support business growth;

  • Why and when you need to start outsourcing.

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