Belkins Growth Marketing and Sales Podcast

Episode #24. B2B selling in Biotech with Jennifer K. Brown. Tips and tricks.
Today’s guest is Jennifer Kaitlin Brown, Head of Partnerships at The Knowledge Society, former Director, Global Business Development at Biolytical Laboratories.
Episode #23. Deconstructing the Modern CFO with Jeff Bruno
Michael and Jeff speak about financial planning best practices, business KPIs and common mistakes entrepreneurs make when scaling their business.
Episode #22. Your career in Sales. How to succeed with Marina Golemis.
Marina has joined Michael for this episode to discuss sales career opportunities, the specifics of selling in e-commerce, the difference between SMB and enterprise sales. Marina spent more than 10 years in sales and selling into multiple industries and has shared her unique experience and life lessons.
Episode #21. Marketing, Growth, and Entrepreneurship with Sujan Patel
Michael and Sujan speak about marketing, growth, and entrepreneurship.
Episode #20. LinkedIn Best Practices with Andreas Jonsson
Today’s guest is Andreas Jonsson — Co-Founder and CEO at SHIELD. SHIELD is a LinkedIn-based analytics platform that empowers people with meaningful data to drive more engagements on LinkedIn.
Episode #19. When and why you need to start outsourcing with Daniel Ramsey
Michael and Daniel speak about the benefit of outsourcing to support business growth as well as exchange thoughts on why and when you need to start outsourcing.
Episode #18. Sales, Content, Growth with Sahil Mansuri and Bravado
Michael and Sahil speak about what is Bravado and how it helps you with sales professional growth and the role of content in sales education.
Episode #17. The Best SEO practices with Fernando Angulo and SEMrush
Michael and Fernando speak in detail about the best SEO practices, talk about how SEMrush sales team scores its leads, and touch base on how pandemic has changed SEMrush’s operation.
Episode #16. Inbound VS Outbound. Which One Drives More Sales with Brendan Walsh
Michael and Brendan talk about the difference between Inbound and Outbound marketing, best practices for omnichannel marketing strategy, and brainstorming around most effective and budget-friendly marketing channels.
Episode #15. The Role of Tech in Business with Wes Schaeffer
Michael and Wes talk about the role of technology in modern sales, how to choose the best tech for your sales team, and the nuances of integrating new software.
Episode #14. Sales Development insights that actually work with Jeremey Donovan
Michael and Jeremey talk about the sales operation at SalesLoft, SDR role in the sales process, and best practices for SDR recruitment and clients’ generation.
Episode #13. Email Bounce. What is it with Brian Minick
Michael and Brian talk about what is an email deliverability and why it’s important to track the bounce rate of your marketing campaign. During the second part of the episode, they touch base on how the pandemic affects Brian’s business and what they do to support the local community in Florida.
Episode #12. B2B Sales During COVID-19 Is Possible with Mike Simmons
Today’s guest is Mike Simmons - a founder of Catalyst Sale. Mike has more than 22 years of experience in operations, sales, and sales leadership, with 17 of which he spent selling in the EdTech space. Mike has built, led, and optimized sales organizations leveraging both direct and indirect teams.
Episode #11. The Role of an SDR in the Sales Process with Sarah Hicks
Today’s guest is Sarah Hicks — Senior Sales Development Representative at Predictable Revenue Inc. Company founded by Aaron Ross, author of the award-winning, bestselling book Predictable Revenue. Sarah works at the foundation of the modern SDR approach.
Episode #10. Part 2: How to Build a Successful Service Company with Jake Dunlap
Today’s guest is Jake Dunlap - entrepreneur, angel investor, and CEO at Skaled Consulting, a Texas-based management consulting firm that for 8 years has been helping companies operationalize key aspects of their sales and marketing organization.
Episode #9. Part 1: How to Build a Successful Service Company with Tom Libelt
Today’s guest is Tom Libelt - founder of the “We Market Online Courses” and ex-CEO of a marketing agency “Libelt SEO”.
Episode #8. How to Run a Successful B2B Podcast with Jen Spencer
Today’s guest is Jen Spencer - Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SmartBug Media. Jen runs a series of weekly podcasts called “SmartBug on Tap” with thousands of listeners.
Episode #7. How to Write Cold Emails for the C-Level Executive with Todd Caponi
Today’s guest is Todd Caponi - the author of the award-winning & international best-seller, The Transparency Sale. He's also a speaker & workshop leader as Principal of Sales Melon LLC, and Managing Director of Chicago’s VentureSCALE.
Episode #6. Sales Email Techniques with Ross Nibur
Today’s guest is Ross Nibur, a Director of Revenue Operation and Strategy at Toast. Ross is recognized by many as one of the top 10 Sales Development Leads in the World and Top 100 Sales Coaches to Watch.
Episode #5. Client Engagement with Daniel O'Malley
Today’s guest is Daniel O'Malley, a Client Engagement Manager for Auric Solar. Auric Solar is the number one reviewed solar provider in the United States.
Episode #4. The Perfect Close with James Muir
Michael and James talk about: B2B pitfalls that sellers trap into, why it is dangerous to rely only on sales techniques and when & why companies fail in creating their value propositions.  
Episode #3. Audience Growth with Colin Campbell
Sales Hacker is the leading community for the next generation of salespeople. They aim to elevate the sales profession by uncovering and sharing the innovative sales strategies, tactics and hacks.
Episode #2. Content Strategy with Kathryn Aragon
Today's guest is Kathryn Aragon, Head of Content for Sales Hacker, a leading sales community with over 200 thousand monthly readers.
Episode #1. Growth Hacking with Vuk Vukosavljevic
Lemlist is a fast-growing technology startup based in France. The company is known for developing an email outreach solution with great personalization that has been used by thousands of paid users.