Episode #5. Client Engagement with Daniel O'Malley
Today’s guest is Daniel O'Malley, a Client Engagement Manager for Auric Solar. Auric Solar is the number one reviewed solar provider in the United States.
Episode #4. The Perfect Close with James Muir
Michael and James talk about: B2B pitfalls that sellers trap into, why it is dangerous to rely only on sales techniques and when & why companies fail in creating their value propositions.
Episode #3. Audience Growth with Colin Campbell
Sales Hacker is the leading community for the next generation of salespeople. They aim to elevate the sales profession by uncovering and sharing the innovative sales strategies, tactics and hacks.
Episode #2. Content Strategy with Kathryn Aragon
Today’s guest is Kathryn Aragon, Head of Content for Sales Hacker, a leading sales community with over 200 thousand monthly readers.
Episode #1. Growth hacking with Vuk Vukosavljevic
Lemlist is a fast-growing technology startup based in France. The company is known for developing an email outreach solution with great personalization that has been used by thousands of paid users.
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