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High-growth lead generation for SaaS companies With our ROI-focused appointment setting, ensure your solutions find their B2B users in new markets, sparking high-value deals.
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$150Kaverage deal size per year
130%KPI delivered
We helped great SaaS brands generate B2B leads

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Dedicated team for your SaaS product outreach
Setting up meetings varies by month: What works in June might not in January. You need diverse outreach infrastructure with tools and vetted processes, regular A/B testing, a flexible team, and tailored strategies. We deliver the right resources at the right time and ensure consistent lead flow throughout the year.
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Clients who elevated
sales performance with us

Check out how we help our clients elevate their lead generation and boost ROI.

  • HiBob logo
    Elevating HR tech with strategic lead generation

    In a strategic 6-month campaign, Belkins significantly outperformed HiBob's in-house lead generation, securing over 20+ monthly meetings and generating $50K in closed revenue within 3 months. By refining HiBob's value proposition and targeting a precisely defined ICP, Belkins addressed the challenges of long-cycle lead nurturing and competition within the HR tech niche. Read the case study 20 $50K Appointments monthly Revenue in 3 months

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    20appointments booked monthly
    $50Kin closed revenue in 3 months
  • Unifocus logo
    Boosting a SaaS workforce management provider with precision outreach

    Belkins propelled Unifocus to success, securing 56 key appointments in 8 months and positioning them as a top choice for industry leaders like Hilton and Starbucks. With targeted campaigns, Belkins overcame the challenge of sourcing skilled SDRs and long sales cycles, boosting Unifocus's presence in the hospitality sector.

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    56appointments booked in 8 months
    100%avg. KPI rate achieved
  • BetterComp logo
    Outreach combo unlocked Fortune 500 doors for compensation pricing software

    Leveraging a targeted LinkedIn Influencer Program, Belkins facilitated BetterComp’s sales initiatives securing 29 high-level apps in 6 months — 90% with enterprise-level businesses. This approach helped us reach Fortune 500 decision-makers, cutting through dense competition and strict spam filters. Our strategy helped transform high-quality leads into $2M in deals.

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    29appointments booked in 6 months
    90%appointments with enterprise businesses

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Our full-cycle lead
generation for B2B SaaS

Before Belkins
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Lead segmentationbackground
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No-show managementbackground
Domain setupbackground
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Belkins logoWith Belkins
We take care of all the problems above
Closing deals

We work with teams that sell products/services with an ACV of $25K-$250K annually

We enhance lead generation for SaaS companies. From startups to
established enterprises, we specialize in accelerating growth for:
Hospitality Tech

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