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Top-quality sales lists tailored to your needs

Boost your bottom-funnel conversions with validated, ready-to-go B2B leads that fit your ICP.


Troublesome sales lead research?

Not anymore with our solutions! We make sure each lead we gather is ideal for your business and ripe for engagement.

Leave it all to a professional team and focus on sales
Entrust your lead research to our dedicated specialists so you can concentrate on closing deals and expanding your business.
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Hard to find relevant leads?

We know where to look up decision-makers and how to engage with them.

200+Opportunities yearly
15%Deal closing rate
10:1ROI achieved

How lead research works

We collect all lead data and sales intel to streamline your appointment setting.
Preliminary research

Preliminary research

Gathering exclusive data for high-value lead generation

  • We get an ideal client profile from your sales department.

  • Our specialist prepares 20 test leads that match your ICP for an initial review.

  • We calculate the approximate number of companies in line with the ICP to determine your total addressable market and investigate your project feasibility.

Strategy refinement

Strategy refinement

Gleaning insights to accelerate your sales cycle

  • We discuss each step with you to optimize the strategy early on to properly allocate resources and sales research tools.

  • We ensure each ICP makes sense from an ROI standpoint.

  • Our team cross-references our research results with your existing client base to eliminate overlap.

Plan implementation

Plan implementation

Creating synergy between our teams

  • In 2 days, our research team provides you with 50–100 test leads for verification, including all data points needed for your future successful outreach campaign.

  • We collect feedback to evaluate how effective our strategy is for you, then revamp the lead generation process accordingly.

  • We A/B test several ICPs simultaneously to find the one with the best potential.

Strategy adjustment

Strategy adjustment

First leads, first reports and first modifications

  • Based on feedback and performance metrics, we correct the strategy if needed.

  • Our account manager always comes up with 2–3 new ICP options to choose from.

  • We implement improvements within 24 hours so outreach campaigns are not delayed.

  • We permanently enhance lead research efforts and refine targeting strategies so you see a steady increase in high-quality leads and scalable growth.


Are we a good fit for you?

This simple checklist will help you decide if Belkins is the right lead research partner for you:

  • iconYour in-house capacity isn’t enough to secure high-quality leads.
  • iconYour experience high bounce rates because of outdated data.
  • iconYour leads barely convert into replies, much less appointments.
  • iconYou struggle with finding verified contacts.
  • iconYour past attempts to buy a lead list weren’t successful, and you’re against buying third-party databases.
  • iconYour team struggles with manual entries and other routine tasks.
  • iconYou think you’ve exhausted all possible data sources and ICPs.

Your dedicated
lead research team

Meet the team responsible for filling your pipeline with sales-ready leads.


What sources do you use for research?

We use legitimate, regularly updated platforms like Crunchbase and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In more peculiar cases, we apply to open data sources and run additional rounds of verification.

What if I already have a database and am not interested in generating leads from scratch?

You can opt for our data enrichment services to enhance your existing database. This streamlined process includes:

  • Analysis and CRM data enhancement to refresh outdated info
  • Human-curated lead list verification for assured quality and precision
  • Database augmentation with new leads matching your criteria
  • Removal of data that fails to meet your ICP
  • Polished, accurate database ready for advanced marketing and sales activities

How do you verify leads data?

Our research team uses top-notch verification tools and constantly tests new software. Examples are QuickEmailVerification, GMass, and our own instruments.

What do you do if there’s no more leads that fit my ICP?

In this case, we offer 3 main options: launch reengaging campaigns on unresponsive leads, expand the pool of titles, or deepen our search to other industries and sub-verticals.

Can I obtain tailored lead lists without the full-service package?

Yes. For validated lead lists, our custom lead list building services are your best solution. You’ll gain access to custom B2B lists featuring company names, sizes, and contact information.

How much do your lead research services cost?

We offer different pricing packages for lead research. For certain cases, we can create custom quotes that match clients’ specific capacity and sales goals.

Want more qualified leads?

Schedule a call with our consultant. Receive your TAM calculation and 20 pilot leads.
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