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Account manager

The responsibilities of a dedicated account manager are planning and executing your strategy, and growing your campaign from concept to a highly sought-after product.
The ultimate goal of any Account Manager at Belkins is to make sure your revenue engine is up and running and fueled with qualified leads.
Head of AM Department
Yuriy Boyko
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How it works
How it works
First day
We kick things off by discussing your ICP, value proposition, and the technical details of your campaign. Upon that, we use this information to create an innovative and effective approach.
Understanding your
product and positioning
We study campaign stats, prospects’ responses and objections. This helps us to align strategy and outcomes with the desired cost per lead, level of prospect qualification, lead value, and prospect-to-deal time.
Your dedicated AM gets acquainted with your marketing materials and reviews your demo calls to explore your business culture and your brand’s voice.
Your AM studies your prospects’ behavior via social networks, industry-relevant blogging platforms, and review websites.
Your AM increases performance on the fly by analyzing campaign data (reply rate, open rate, conversion rate, response dynamics, titles engaged, most active markets, etc.).
Your AM monitors the latest events in your clients’ industries, identifying potential discussion points and adding more relevant info and value to your campaigns.
Your dedicated AM works with your in-house team to implement new business strategies and tactics, constantly improving your results.

Assemble the best team
to work on your behalf

GeorgeHead of Account Management
AliceAM Team Lead
AlexandraAccount Manager
HelgaAM Team Lead
VladAccount Manager
Can’t reach new market
Meet your dedicated AM who will spike your sales.
Moving towards your goal, one challenge at a time
Brad Moran
Founder and CEO
Advertising & Marketing
I already know what outreach strategy works for my company, so now I need someone who can scale the process.
Account Manager
With your dedicated AM team, the sky's the limit. You can scale as much as you need to — your AM will work closely with your in-house team, exploring and targeting your niche. Whether your scaling process requires 1500 or 15000 contacts, you will have them researched, prospected, and handed over to your reps.
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How we keep score

  1. 01Qualified appointments
    Our goal is always quality, not quantity. We scale your campaign only after we find an approach that we’re sure will bring results. We respect the value of your time and ensure every booked appointment has a strong conversion probability.
  2. 02Audience building
    Landing an email to the right audience is never enough. A successful campaign needs high open rates and plenty of replies. We deliver those by crafting convincing subject lines, personalized cadences, appealing copy, and compelling follow-ups.
  3. 03Retention rate
    We don’t let any opportunity slip. That’s why we reengage with those who didn’t show up, follow up with your leads consistently, and always reply to those who responded to your messages.
  4. 04Spam rate
    Since we rely on cold outreach campaigns, email visibility is crucial to our success. Therefore, we follow all configuration guidelines, use advanced tools, and apply our expertise to avoid spam folders.

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Can I request an AM with particular knowledge of my industry?

Of course, to provide you with qualified leads and highly profitable deals, we assign the AM with the most relevant expertise.

How many accounts can an Account Manager handle in Belkins?

Depending on seniority, Belkins’ AM can handle up to 10 projects. For the highest quality of the service, it’s better not to exceed this number. This is why with the new projects added, we hire new professionals.

Do Belkins AM have special knowledge in marketing?

Yes, Belkins’ AMs possess advanced knowledge and practical experience in marketing and related fields.

How do Belkins’ AMs ensure the team hits my requirements and goals?

We’ve developed a system of frequent and multichannel communication with our clients. They can contact our team anytime on a dedicated Slack chat and ask a question. Also, we arrange weekly video meetings to discuss our progress and come up freshest analytics-based updates.

How is Account Manager involved in the result-delivery process?

Belkins’ AMs study your product and market in detail to offer the most effective strategy and prospecting approach. AMs are responsible for tracking the results of the whole campaign and implementing new, data-driven decisions to make the best of the outreach.

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