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A lead researcher launches presales by finding qualified prospects that are likely to convert. They use 10+ tools to find, filter, and source key information to grow your business.

At Belkins, we focus on clear intention, sincere effort, intelligent leadership, and high performance — resulting in the best quality.

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How it works
How it works
First day
We kick things off with a brief introduction and collecting key requirements for your campaign. Also, we brainstorm which sources to use for research.
Lead research beyond the
common approach
Belkins commits to generating 100% hand-picked leads. We search them on multiple sources, analyze, and target them, using top-notch tools.
Further on, we investigate information on target clients, current clients, partnerships, lost opportunities, and a desirable ICP.
Next, we develop a tailored strategy, pick tools and search tactics, and create a roadmap to reach the highest possible ROI.
We keep an eye on your project to gauge trends and analyze progress within each industry to continually grow your total addressable market.
For us to better understand your industry, competitors, product, and clients’ pain points, we dive deep into your market.
To speed up and increase the number of booked appointments, we regularly search for new tools, tactics, approaches, and execute innovative strategies.
Great sales start with proper research
Count on Belkins best-in-class research team.

Assemble the best team
to work on your behalf

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Our lead search steps
Here’s how we help our customers generate massive revenue.
Analyzing ICP and evaluating leads potential
Picking up the most relevant tools and sources
Creating a list of companies and adjusting the search
Narrowing down regions, industries, or niches
Collecting job titles, emails, adding more data points
Qualifying leads against a number of criteria
Finalizing a list of leads for further outreach
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How companies grow with us

Check out how we help our clients find relevant and sales-ready leads.


Where do you find leads?

Belkins delivers you only hand-picked contacts. We use credible, top-quality sources for lead research, like Apollo, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList, D&B, and more.

How many criteria can I provide you for the most accurate ICP?

We aren’t limited to search criteria. In fact, the more details you provide, the more accurate your prospecting will be. You’re free to implement as many parameters as you wish. Our team will consider each one to ensure a top-performing campaign.

What tools do you use for lead research?

To protect your data from unauthorized access, we use only reliable tools. Unfortunately, we can’t share the list in public, as it’s a part of our trade secret, but we can provide it to our clients upon request.

What additional data points can you use in the search?

It depends on your industry, your requirements, whether the data exists, and its digital footprint. We’re always open to brainstorming and analyzing the feasibility of a new idea. If it looks positive, we’ll implement it.

Can you avoid certain companies?

Of course. We can avoid specific companies, given that your TAM is still wide enough. To avoid prospect overlap, we get acquainted with the list of your current and former clients.

Can you change the search parameters?

As long as it’s within your appointment setting package, we’re flexible to change industries, regions, and titles, depending on performance and key stats. The estimated lead quantity may alter with shifting parameters, but we’re always ready to adjust the research process to ensure high ROI.

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