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Lead Research Specialist

A lead researcher launches the pre-sales process by finding qualified prospects that are likely to convert. Utilizing over 10+ tools to find, filter, and source key information to grow your business.

At Belkins, we focus on clear intention, sincere effort, intelligent leadership, and skillful performance – resulting in the highest quality work.

Alena Popova Head of Research Department
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How it Works
How it works
First Day
We kick things off with a brief introduction and collect the key requirements of your campaign. Together, we’ll brainstorm which sources will be used before collecting your first batch of leads.
Lead Research Beyond
the Common Approach
Hand-Picked Approach
Belkins is committed to generating 100% manual leads. This means they are found via advanced monitoring, analyzed thoroughly, and targeted using highly-advanced tools
Analyze Data
Further investigate information on target clients, current clients, partnerships, lost opportunities, and a desirable ICP.
Quality Monitoring
Keep a close watch on the status of your project to gauge trends and analyze progress within each industry to continually grow your TAM.
Marketing Strategy
Tailored strategy and roadmap planning to execute the fastest possible ROI, including the tools and search tactics to be used.
Market Analysis
Comprehensive deep dive to better understand your industry, competitive market, product, and clients’ pain points.
Search for new opportunities and ways to speed up and increase the number of booked appointments by executing innovative strategies.
Assemble the best team
to work
on your behalf
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Great Sales Start with
Proper Research
Count on Belkins best-in-class research team.
Our Lead Searching Steps

Sending tons of emails, closing millions of B2B appointments to help our customers generate massive revenue.

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ICP analysis and evaluation leads potential

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Picking up the most relevant tools and sources

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Narrowing down the circle of regions, industries, or niches

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Forming a preliminary list of companies and adjusting the search

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Receiving job titles, emails, adding more data points

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Lead quality control and approval

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Forming a list of thoroughly sorted qualified leads

Key Achievements in Numbers
  • 4,760,850Leads

    And we will do more. By the time you read this text, we have already found another 10 000 prospects.

  • 5,000+ICP

    It’s obvious we’re not going to stop on this. Just in one day, our team can provide you with the ultimate data on the whole search strategy.

  • 30Sources

    LinkedIn, Apollo, Crunchbase, Glassdoor, Google Lists, and AngelList. They are only the basic resources, so depending on your industry, we can go beyond that.

  • 700+Industries

    Researchers detect the narrowest niches, from landscaping companies to local beauticians, with their own eyes and sort manually.

  • 100+Unique Data Points

  • 65Regions

    65 countries in all geographical zones and continents.

  • 305Titles

    Business founders, ship captains, streamers, YouTube bloggers, software developers – it’s easier to list who wasn’t in our search circle.

Meet the clients that grow with us

Sending tons of emails, closing millions of B2B appointments to help
our customers generate massive revenue.

  • Where do you find leads?minus iconplus icon

    Belkins’s approach means you’ll receive only hand-picked lead research. We only use credible, top-quality sources like Apollo, AngelList, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, D&B, and more.

  • How many criteria can I provide you for the most accurate ICP?minus iconplus icon

    We aren’t limited to search criteria. In fact, the more details you provide, the more accurate your prospecting will be! You’re free to implement as many parameters as you wish. Our team will consider each one to ensure a top-performing campaign.

  • What tools do you use for lead research?minus iconplus icon

    Uh-oh, you are entering a restricted area! We hope you understand, but we have to keep this information confidential, like Coca-Cola’s recipe!

  • What additional data points can you use in the search?minus iconplus icon

    It depends on your industry, the specificities of the request, whether the data exists, and its digital footprint. We are always open to brainstorming and analyzing the feasibility of a new idea. If it looks positive, we’ll implement it.

  • Can you avoid certain companies?minus iconplus icon

    Of course! Avoiding certain prospects is easy to implement, considering the scope of your target market is still wide enough. To avoid prospect overlap, we study and take careful note of excluding current and former clients.

  • How flexible is your team in changing the research parameters?minus iconplus icon

    As long as it’s within your appointment setting package, we can be flexible to change industries, regions, and titles, depending on performance and key stats. The estimated lead quantity may alter with shifting parameters, but we are always ready to adjust the research process to ensure high ROI.

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