About Us

For over five years we have been helping clients around the world reach their sales targets and grow their business. Working with qualified Database Researchers and Sales Development specialists, we’ve developed an enhanced sales program that delivers an enriched flow of leads and increases sales pipelines.
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Our mission
Culture is the fuel of success. We grow, nurture and deliver sophisticated practices in sales development, lead management and product presentation, helping entrepreneurs get their message get through.
Our vision
We know that competition-free environment and assets exist because deliver them every day. There are many perspectives to each vertical – and we explore them to create authenticity that fuels your growth and takes the pressure out of your workflow.

Meet our team

We are Belkins, here to enrich your sales and business development with refined B2B data and excellent B2B communication
Vladislav Podolyako
Founder & CEO
Michael Maksimov
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Boris Shamray
Chief Information Officer
Dmitry Chervonyi
Chief Marketing Officer
Alex Sribnyi
Head of Accounts
Dmitry Dvornitsky
Head of Product
Valeriia Rusakova
Creative Director
Kateryna Gults
Head of Operation
Marina Radovelyuk
Account Manager
Andrew Malikov
Sales Development Representative
Ross Moody
Research Team Lead
Ben Tooth
Sales Development Representative
Dariia Leshchenko
Sales Development Representative
Oleg Plavskiy
Sales Development Representative
Victor Chepik
Research Team Lead
Nickolas Gurin
Deliverability Specialist
Alina Ampilogova
Content Writer
Mira Klepach
Research Team Lead
Vadym Fedotov
Research Team Lead
Vlad Yaremenko
Research Specialist
Yuriy Boyko
Sales Development Representative
Christina Vasilyeva

Our clients