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Our primary objective has always been building strong partnerships. Not only with our clients, but internally as well. As a result, we've built the most connected team in the industry.

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How It All Started in 2017

Belkins was founded in 2017 by Michael Maximoff and Vladislav Podolyako. Both founders shared an extensive background in B2B sales and struck a partnership forged on a common idea - predictable, scaleable growth achieved through transparency, perseverance, experience, and creativity instead of empty promises, work without results, or numbers before people.

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1,000+ Satisfied Customers

We align our services with unique needs of our clients to deliver the best results in our space. We employ driven professionals united by our joint vision and mission.

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Meet Belkin's Team
Our team is customer-obsessed, mission-oriented, and believes that anything is possible.
  • Alex Sribnyi
  • Valeriia Rusakova
  • Alla Ivanova
  • Yuriy Boyko
  • Myroslava Vdovychenko
  • Alena Popova
  • Vladimir Budko
  • Kirill Potapkin
  • Sergey Drob
  • Vitaliy Lutskiy
  • Yaroslav Mykolaichuk
  • Ostap Boiko

Our values

At Belkins, we rely on our team to do their best, and our trust always pays off.

We Think Fast. We Act Fast
We Think Fast. We Act Fast
Hours are spent in meeting rooms discussing and strategizing but we know that trying 10 new things pays off more.
We Learn What We Don’t Know
We Learn What We Don’t Know
We know a lot, 100%, but we are also hungry for learning new things on the go. Out-of-the-box thinking and inventor-like mindset always wins the day.
We Commit
We Commit
We commit to our clients, colleagues, families, and ourselves. Only living by commitments can lead us to success.
We Own Our Mistakes
We Own Our Mistakes
Owning your mistakes and acknowledging failures allows us to move forward and be better. Every failed campaign leads to a hundred successful ones.

Award-winning B2B Lead Generation Agency

Award-Winning B2B Sales Agency
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Our Lifestyle

A glimpse at our unique company culture.

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