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We create tailored outreach campaigns to attract, engage, and help you convert quality B2B leads from your company’s or personal profile on LinkedIn. 


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We audit and update your profile, build up a relevant network by sending personalized connection requests only to people who match your ICP, and follow-up with them to schedule appointments.
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Businesses that stand out with us

Check out how other companies power-up their sales, increase brand awareness, and grow
their audience through a set of our LinkedIn lead generation services.

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Belkins’ clients manage to get more opportunities with at least 15% closing rate and become true LinkedIn influencers thanks to our tailored outreach.
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Get leads from LinkedIn

Seize the power of the largest professional network with Belkins.

200+Opportunities yearly
15%Deal closing rate
10:1ROI achieved

How LinkedIn lead
generation service works

Check out how we help you build meaningful relations
with your audience until they become your clients.
LinkedIn profile optimization

LinkedIn profile optimization

Fine-tuning your profile to build trust

  • To start with, we audit your profile and come up with a list of recommendations on possible improvements.

  • Then we upgrade all key sections that require a touch-up: Headline, About, Experience, Skills, etc. 

  • Finally, we choose high-quality visuals like a professional headshot and relevant cover photo to create a positive first impression.

LinkedIn prospecting

LinkedIn prospecting

Attracting sales-ready leads to your pipeline

  • To help you get seen by potential clients, we study your business and industry specifics to refine your ICP and develop a sophisticated outreach strategy.

  • We utilize advanced search and filtering tools to identify individuals within your ICP based on their industry, job title, company size, and other relevant criteria.

  • Finally, we build a targeted list of potential clients or partners based on your ICP, ensuring you reach the right people on the platform.

Thought-leadership content

Thought-leadership content

Establishing your expertise and increasing your audience

  • First, we research your TAM and competitors, as well as get acquainted with your ICP and their pain points to create a stellar content strategy and plan.

  • Our copywriters produce exclusive content that resonates with your audience and drives impressions, reactions, and reposts.

  • We track posts performance, and adjust the strategy to convert your followers into qualified leads, interested in your solutions.

LinkedIn outreach

LinkedIn outreach

Connecting and booking appointments with your prospects

  • We define decision-makers who interact with your profile, qualify them, and send connection requests.

  • When they add you to their network, we drop them a short personalized welcome message, briefly describe your offer, and suggest an appointment.

  • In case there’s no response, we launch a sequence of messages to remind how you can help and book a call with them.

What’s inside packages

We offer two packages or their combo to maximize your LinkedIn
presence. For more details, contact our LinkedIn experts.

Connect & Outreach
Optimal plan to grow your network and convert the connections into leads.
Up to 100Messages monthly
Around 400Additional opportunities per month
Perfect for building brand awareness and showcasing your expertise.
8Original posts with visuals per month
10,000–100,000Views monthly, based on your profile

Your dedicated
B2B appointment setters

Meet the team behind making your appointments happen.

Will our partnership bring results?

To meet and exceed your expectations, we focus only on things we can guarantee. Check these items to see if we make a good fit.

  • iconYour deals aren’t closing.
  • iconYou’re looking for an extra channel for lead generation.
  • iconYou want to facilitate your sales.
  • iconYou’re ready to invest into long-term relations with your leads.
  • iconYou want to establish your industry expertise.
  • iconYou need more people to know about your brand and services.
  • iconYou struggle to differentiate from your competitors.
  • iconYou’re against increasing your audience artificially.


What do I get from LinkedIn sales lead generation by Belkins?

It’s a special service aimed at amplifying your outreach impact through connecting with the right people and sending them tailored messages aligned with your value proposition. Thus, we expand your professional network and nurture your audience to lead them down the sales funnel.

What is included in the preparation stage?

First, we start with revising your online presence and your social media activity in particular. Second, we study your company’s goals, market, product, and competitors to draft a strategy. Finally, we research your tone of voice and basic style of communication, make improvements if necessary, and start the creative process.

Is this all about social media marketing?

Not really. As a LinkedIn prospecting agency, we aim at generating qualified sales leads for you. We also offer managing your profile and filling it with helpful and valuable B2B content. This increases your company’s online presence, boosts your brand awareness, educates your target audience, and warms up your prospects for sales communication.

Further on, it helps us get in touch with your potential clients, crafting and sending them appealing messages on your behalf. Following up with them, we nurture the most interested prospects and schedule a meeting with them for you to get the deal closed.

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