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10x more inbox
placement for your outreach campaigns

Our deliverability consultants know how to claim your rightful place in every inbox. From a deep domain audit to long-term practices, your team will get an actionable plan for deliverability excellence.


Tired of losing leads due to emails landing in spam?

Here’s how the in-depth deliverability audit can solve your challenges.

A helicopter view of your domain's health
Email deliverability consultants analyze your domains and mailboxes' efficiency, both manually and with AI tools. You gain insight into the root causes of spam placement and know where to look for spam issues in the future.
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Numbers talk
for themselves

Real results after our consulting service might be even better than you expect.

97%+Inbox placement
3XEmail open rate
10:1ROI achieved

Deliverability consulting in action

How exactly can we fix your inbox placement? Take a look at our workflow.
Domain reputation audit

Domain reputation audit

Getting a 360-view of your current domain health

  • Our experts run general audits to analyze your domains and mailboxes' performance and health scores (with AI tools).

  • We analyze your current DNS configurations to provide you with strategic domain health measures.

  • We overview your IP state and check whether your domain or IP is listed on one of hundreds blacklists.

  • We review in detail your email content and outreach practices.

Domain and mailbox setup

Domain and mailbox setup

Helping you with fixing every key pillar of email deliverability

  • We start by giving you detailed instructions on fixing email infrastructure, providing you with the correct DNS records (SPF, DMARC, DKIM, BIMI).

  • We help you with blacklist delisting (per request).

  • Focusing on popular ESP algorithms, we show you which words, signatures, and content elements like links or pictures are allowed to be used, and which are not. 

Long-term recommendations

Long-term recommendations

Develop a success strategy that will last

  • Your team gets the list of specific, actionable steps for each spam reason to fix and maintain your deliverability high.

  • In case some points are not clear or your team still has something to ask, our team is here to answer every question.

  • With our recommendations at hand, you prevent any email deliverability-related issues and ensure the highest email performance.

  • If you need deliverability optimization in the future, we will discuss extra support (and tools) that will keep your deliverability high.


Do you need deliverability consulting services?

A quick checklist to check whether we’re a good fit

  • iconYou’re worried about the lost revenue due to low inbox placement.
  • iconUnpredictable email placement makes it challenging to meet KPIs.
  • iconYou don’t know what are the specific reasons for spam placement.
  • iconPoor deliverability affects your brand reputation.
  • iconIt’s difficult to find resources on deliverability best practices.
  • iconLoss of customer trust and engagement with low inbox placement.
  • iconYou change your domains once a month due to poor deliverability.


What affects email deliverability?

A comprehensive approach to email deliverability (which we're ambassadors of) includes paying attention to all four pillars: sender reputation, recipient database, content, and proper outreach tool setup. The sum of all these pillars determines your inbox placement rate.

What kind of deliverability issues can your consulting services help with?

Our email deliverability experts help with every issue that might make your emails land in spam, including blocklisting, poor domain health, noncompliance with sending limits, email content, wrong email authentication protocols, sending practices, etc.

Can your email deliverability consulting help with technical setup (SPF, DKIM, DMARC protocls)?

Yes, our service includes email authentication analysis and setup, including SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI. We analyze your current DNS records, identify any issues, and provide you with a file with fixed DNS records for your domain (along with some recommendations for keeping those in shape in the future).

What kind of experience and credentials do your email deliverability consultants have?

Our email deliverability experts work as customer success managers and domain specialists at Folderly, and all have a proven track record in the industry for 5+ years. They possess deep expertise in email deliverability best practices, protocols, and technologies. Also, we ensure our team stays up-to-date with email deliverability requirements.

Want in-depth deliverability strategy?

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