Intent-based cold calling services for B2B

Cold calls your leads will appreciate

We bring you a steady flow of highly converting leads while your sales team focuses on closing secured appointments.


Calls that actually convert

See how our intent-based cold calling can eliminate every frustrating point of cold outreach.

Reach prequalified leads only
We take a multichannel approach, reaching out to decision-makers who’ve engaged with your business. This intent-based calling brings you up to 30% more appointments.
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Our clients got up to 30%
more appointments

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Hard to predict cold calling KPIs?

Enjoy steady lead generation and enhanced analytics to track performance metrics.

15-30%Appointments increase
100%Pre-qualified leads
20%+Conversion rate

How our intent-based B2B
cold calling service works

Our experts ensure every step leads to warm appointments.
Initial multichannel outreach

Initial multichannel outreach

Gathering perfect-fit leads via multichannel approach

  • We build a list of qualified leads, contacting them via different channels to build rapport before connecting.

  • Our SDR team prequalifies leads, prioritizing those who showed positive signals (including who previously asked to connect later or stopped responding after initial engagement).

  • We gather information on every lead, examining pain points, ICP, and your product fit to connect organically when following up via cold calls.

Expert B2B cold calling

Expert B2B cold calling

Building organic phone conversations after initial engagement

  • Our B2B experts tailor scripts for every lead based on previous triggers and checked strategies.

  • Highly trained SDRs with a proven track record of successful conversions reach your future clients and arrange warm appointments.

  • We make a predetermined number of calls each week to secure well-qualified sales appointments for your business.

AI-driven data analytics

AI-driven data analytics

Growth led by numbers and regular feedback loops

  • We offer ongoing coaching with call recording analysis to help our experts refine their approaches that work for your industry.

  • During feedback loops, you receive a transparent metrics review, along with expected future metrics.

  • We A/B test different approaches and continually perform quality evaluations to improve conversion results.

Scalable strategies for growth

Scalable strategies for growth

As we make more cold calls, your sales pipeline grows

  • We don’t just connect you with any prospects. We vet them well to send you only qualified leads.

  • Enjoy sustainable business growth as we train and scale our team to meet your needs.

  • Watch your business thrive with an increasing flow of qualified leads. We tailor our approach to each call we make.


Are we a good fit?

This simple checklist will help you decide if our intent-based B2B cold calling service is the right strategic decision for your business:

  • iconYour cold calling fails to meet the set KPIs, resulting in no appointments.
  • iconYou are tired of wasting time on dead-end calls.
  • iconYour leads respond curtly or hang up within the first few seconds.
  • iconBudget limitations keep you from hiring and training an in-house team.
  • iconYou’re frustrated by slow lead generation that’s hindering your entire sales cycle.
  • iconYou have no time to analyze and keep your cold calling strategy up to date.
  • iconYour team HATES cold calling in general.


How is intent-based cold calling different from simple cold calling?

Intent-based calling focuses on leads who have already shown some level of interest in your product or service. This is different from traditional cold calling, where you’re contacting prospects with no prior interaction. We identify leads who have responded positively to previous outreach. We also include leads who requested a call later or simply stopped responding after the initial engagement. By following up on these warmer leads, we increase the chances of productive conversations.

How can I ensure B2B cold calling doesn't scare leads?

Traditional cold calls can feel intrusive and catch prospects off guard. To make calling less stressful for both sides, you should use multichannel outreach. Before dialing, try reaching out through email or social media. This creates a touchpoint and makes the call feel less unexpected. Also, remember to research leads beforehand, understand their pain points, and personalize your approach based on their industry and needs. The result? Natural, conversion-boosting conversations.

Can I purchase B2B cold calling service without the full-service package?

Our calling services are currently offered as part of our appointment setting package only. This comprehensive approach ensures a streamlined process and guarantees all leads are qualified. We recommend scheduling a quick, free consultation to discuss your specific goals and explore alternative options that might be available.

How experienced are all your SDRs?

Our expert team comprises highly trained B2B experts with a proven track record of high conversions. They undergo rigorous training in communication skills, objection handling, lead research, and industry knowledge specific to a needed target audience.

How much do your intent-driven calling services cost?

It varies since our cold calling services fall within the appointment setting package. We can provide transparent pricing options during your free consultation. This allows us to tailor a package that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

Ready to get more well-qualified leads?

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