Belkins Client Delivery Team
Sales Development Representative
Belkins SDRs represent the hub of your deliverability team, orchestrating team members' priority tasks while corresponding to your prospect's questions and optimizing sales processes to convert.
Working with SDR at Belkins gives you unique access to the best practices proven by the combined experience of over 1,000 clients.
Alla Ivanova
Head of SDR Department
How it Works
How it works
First Day
After getting to know your team, business, and product and gathering all the necessary data, we proceed to design your unique value proposition (UVP) concept.
What Makes Belkins
SDRs Superstars?
Our Team
At your service, there are 50+ outsourced sales development professionals and experienced SDR team leads with various backgrounds: software development, event management, construction, marketing, and startups.
Best Tools
Belkins SDR team is armed with the best-performing and up-to-date professional software. We are eager to adopt new technologies to all processes, making us the ideal outsourced SDRs for your business.
We immerse ourselves into your business and team to accomplish our mission. We work closely toward a mutual goal with the content team, EDSs, and lead researchers, share insights and help each other progress.
Knowledge Base
Handpicked best practices, team brainstorms, working sessions, workshops, and educational initiatives collected together in our internal Wiki.
KPI-driven, dedicated team for which every project is a priority.
Growth Culture
Continuous learning is our lifestyle. Constant knowledge sharing is an everyday ritual.

Assemble the Best Team to Work on Your Behalf

  • Alla Ivanova
  • Vitaliy Zubkov
  • Valentyna Dervisis
  • Lera Sydorenko
  • Olena Sokol
  • Ivan Oliinyk
  • Nastia Varvarova
  • Mariia Obolashvili
  • Alina Pavlenko
  • Yurii Momot
  • Kateryna Yemelianova
  • Viktoriia Prokopchuk
  • Daria Snitko
  • Ostap Boiko
  • Olha Bobrovska
  • Vlad Bozhchenko
  • Ivan Kipko
  • Olha Voitovska
  • Vita Laburenko
  • Anna Nagornyak
  • Marco Pereira
Need of a Results-Focused SDR?
Turn to your team at Belkins.
Belkins SDR Code
Be humane

Write how you speak and keep it personable — avoid sounding like an algorithm.


Once the emails have been opened, you must respond because timing is crucial.

Follow Up

Set up tasks to follow up for each email, even with minimal opportunity.


Use tags and create categories for each email in the pipeline to keep your inbox organized.

No Loose Ends

Always leave an empty mailbox at the end of the day for a fresh start tomorrow.

Keep Track

Analyze all the responses and available data to get the highest result possible.


Be the client’s advocate, believe in their product, and promote it as if it’s your own.

SDR Success Formula


Tone of Voice

We aren't machines, and neither are our partners. We do more than just sign contracts: We build relationships. That’s why cooperating with Belkins’s SDRs is always a pleasure.

Head of SDR Department

Alla Ivanova

Head of SDR Department



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Meet the Clients That Grow With Us

Sending tons of emails, closing millions of B2B appointments to help our customers generate massive revenue.

Case studies

93 Appointments and Multi-Million Dollar Deals: Kick-Starting Outreach for a Retail Non-Broker Agency
Closed-won deal size
Appointments booked
Driveline’s main goal was to build a pipeline of consistent leads. They wanted to land retailers with 250+ locations across the U.S. and Belkins ensured a steady lead flow. In 13 months, we delivered 93 appointments, resulting in several deals.
Stephen Skeel
Executive Producer and Co-Founder
at 7 Wonders Cinema
May, 2021

Without Belkins, we would not be where we are right now.

Pedro Morgado
Pedro Morgado
BytePitch Founder
IT Services (11-50 emp.)
May, 2020

Great Appointment
Setting Agency!

Ivan Talaychuk
Ivan Talaychuk
Co-Founder, CEO
g2 / 4.8 score
64 reviews
Matt Gallagher
Chief Revenue Officer at Unifocus
18 Months of Outreach Resulted in 101 Appointments for the Hyper-Specific Niche of Pump Manufacturing
Appointments booked in 18 months
Contacts reached out
To fill AMI’s sales pipeline with pump manufacturer prospects, Belkins diversified the lead acquisition channels, used multiple creative approaches, and set up a solid sales process.
clutch / 4.9 score
143 reviews
Jul 22, 2021

Their team is very attentive to our business needs.

Ekaterina Sushchevskaya
Ekaterina Sushchevskaya
Account Executive Team Lead, SaaS Firm
Software (11-50 emp.)
Nov 25, 2021

They are committed to producing quality results.

Alan Morte
Alan Morte
Head of Analytics, Three Ventures
Marketing & Advertising (51-1000 emp.)

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a sales development representative?
    A sales development representative (SDR) is a sales team member responsible for reaching out to potential customers, nurturing them, setting up quality meetings, and closing deals.
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    Outsourced SDR vs. in-house BDR: what’s better?
    It depends on your goals, time limits, and budget. Outsourced SDRs are better in terms of economy and velocity since building a professional in-house sales team can be time-consuming and expensive.
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    When is the right time to hire a sales development representative?
    If you are limited in human resources or budget, you have a new product and want to assess product market fit, or you are in need of new clients FAST but have no experience with cold outreach.
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    How to set KPIs for SDRs?
    We will focus on company or industry benchmarks and your sales department’s main operations. For instance, possible KPIs might include total emails sent, follow-up rates, and the number of appointments booked.
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    What tools does an SDR use?
    Tools for prospecting and targeting the right decision-makers, boosting email deliverability, and scheduling and holding appointments.
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    Where do SDRs fit in the sales structure?
    It’s often the case the SDR belongs within the sales department as a pre-sales qualification role. In rare cases, SDRs can exist within a marketing division. Depending on their experience level, sales development representatives may be junior, middle, and senior level.