Email outreach soars to 3rd place among 20 channels for an integrity and efficiency service provider

  • 330Booked appointments in 15 months
  • 120%Avg. monthly KPIs
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryEnvironmental services
HeadquartersRichmond, VA
Company size201-500

IGS is a game-changer in the energy sector, helping Fortune 500 companies drive sustainable growth while reducing their carbon footprints. With innovative and robotic solutions, IGS is transforming asset inspection and preservation, while also delivering significant environmental and operational efficiencies. These solutions extend asset life and cut fuel consumption and emissions, saving IGS’ customers millions annually.


The client needed to boost their lead-to-appointment conversions. Despite having a strong online presence and over 20 marketing channels at their disposal, they needed to streamline their campaign management and weed through vast volumes of leads. Their global business development and subject-matter expert team needed a steady flow of high-quality meetings tailored to various regions.


Extra lead research

Extra lead research. The client initially provided us with lists of preferred companies and industries, which included sectors like chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, petroleum refineries, pulp and paper, and mining and metals. We specifically targeted leads within companies of 5,000–10,000 employees globally.

We enhanced this database by conducting extensive research to find additional high-value prospects. Our focus was on key decision-makers: general managers, plant managers, and director-level positions across operations, maintenance, and safety.

Diverse and tailored email campaigns

Since February 2023, we’ve launched 77 unique email campaigns, each designed for a different ICP, and leveraged various approaches, including referral, face-to-face, workshop/webinar invites, and reengagement with past opportunities.

We’ve customized our campaigns based on different locations and on the client’s unique offerings and value propositions, such as:

  • HVTS — corrosion prevention in process vessels, towers, and columns
  • Cetek — improvement of radiant section heat transfer efficiency
  • Hot-tek — online maintenance to prevent fired heater shutdowns
  • Tube Tech — enhanced heat-transfer efficiency in the fired heaters
  • SMARTGard — boiler tube leak prevention and reliability improvement
  • Environmental solutions — elimination of buildup and fouling in SCRs through innovative cleaning technologies

  • 330Appointments in over a year
  • 1,500Leads per month
  • 120%Avg. monthly KPIs

  • Lead generation. We consistently generate over 1,500 leads per month, scaling up as needed.
  • Performance metrics. We’ve achieved KPIs ranging from 100%–120% since February 2023 with numerous positive responses.
  • Appointment setting. We deliver an average of 10–15 appointments per week with an open rate of 40%–50% and a reply rate of 7%.
  • Conversion rate. Belkins’ cold outreach is still ranking third among IGS’ 20 marketing channels in terms of lead-to-appointment conversion rate.

Challenges Belkins encountered

Choosing the right marketing strategy and appropriate client offer for each industry we targeted was no small feat. However, by adapting our approaches and collaborating closely with the IGS team, we consistently crafted our campaigns to hit the mark every time.

  • Reading duration10 min
  • Published20 May 2024
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