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Content writer

Since the content of your sales emails significantly impacts your campaign, we focus on ensuring they accurately reflect your brand and convert prospects into loyal clients.
Our team is not just exceptional writers. They think strategically about the campaign and can swiftly adapt to a variety of industries, audiences, and requirements.
Cyril Head of Content Department
Kirill Potapkin
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How it works
How it works
First day
Having the provided materials, our team gets together to sketch up a rough outline for future templates. To visualize a method, we go over the VP form, the ICP, your website, and the LinkedIn profiles of your team.
What sets Belkins’ content
writers apart
Having our outsourced content writing team in your project, you get professionals with backgrounds in various industries whose primary skill is creating content. You give us the data, and we convert it into compelling email campaigns or LinkedIn posts.
We're equipped with one-of-a-kind, robust, and AI-powered technologies that help us ensure nearly no errors (grammatical or otherwise) wind up in the content we produce.
Belkins' content writers are backed by the most recent practices to enhance the template's quality. We regularly track new trends and fresh tools to boost our productivity and your results.
We cooperate closely with other departments to help build the best email sequences and deliver the highest KPIs through our content.
We're fully goal-oriented, which means the tangible outcomes we see from your campaigns are our driving power.
Progress and growth are at the very core of our department, and knowledge is our greatest asset. We're eager to obtain new knowledge for everyday work and personal development.

Assemble the best team
to work
on your behalf

CyrilHead of Template Writing
Tanya Deputy Manager of Content
TimContent Writer
StacyMiddle Content Strategist
Prefer LinkedIn to emails?
Let us manage your LinkedIn account to establish yourself as a thought leader among your growing network.
Belkins content
team's playbook

Rest assured that our output is holistic and polished after a few QA stages.


Thanks to our unmatched attention to detail, we can develop laser-focused campaigns that are devoid of extraneous information.


For the best possible output, we learn the ins and outs of your business before we begin working on your content and immerse ourselves in your project.


We deliver, and we deliver fast. 2x times faster than the industry average, in fact.


Our top priority is ensuring that the content we deliver connects with each reader on a personal level.


We are human beings who understand what resonates with other people and how to maintain their attention through innovative yet proven methods.

The content we write
01Email campaigns

We create a variety of email campaigns using historical data and insights, industry best practices, and highly-targeted approaches to book more appointments.

>40%Open rates
>5%Reply rates
02Inbound sales campaigns

Have your leads fallen off after a demo? Are you looking to re-engage lost opportunities? We will provide targeted templates for your sales staff to turn lost deals into closed business.

>10 %Reengaged leads
5%Higher conversions
03LinkedIn posts

Build credibility and trust by establishing yourself as an opinion leader through engaging and thought-provoking publications.

>15%Engagement rates
>8%Unique monthly visitors
04LinkedIn messages

From prospecting and network building to lead research and appointment setting, we leverage our LinkedIn outreach service and its messaging capabilities to fill your pipeline with fresh opportunities.

2xHigher conversion rates
>3%Reply rates
B2B sales agency
See what others are saying about our services and how we helped their cold emails reach their clients’ inboxes.
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How companies grow with us

Check out the results our clients get from our high-converting email campaigns.


What are the average open/reply rates across your campaigns?

On average, we reach 50-60% open rates and 10-15% reply rates across all campaigns. Want to see those numbers in action? Hear from our customers on the testimonial page or read about each project in-depth with the case studies.

How do you determine which approaches and messages work best?

We leverage A/B testing within each project we work on. Our teams test everything including new ICPs, messaging approaches, value propositions, email subject lines, and target personas. We use this data to adjust our campaigns for maximum effectiveness and higher ROI.

How are your email campaigns different from those available in open libraries?

As the #1 ranked appointment-setting agency, we’ve set the standard for outbound sales email campaigns across the entire B2B spectrum. Our tailored approach is based on clients’ ICPs, their challenges, and industry specifics. We run A/B tests and analyze our outreach performance in real time and can instantly implement changes or new practices.

How do you decide which practices to apply?

Throughout our experience, we’ve acquired a wealth of data and have tested various approaches in a number of industries. We use this knowledge to your advantage and apply tried-and-true methods for the best possible outcomes.

How do you come up with the template strategy?

We collaborate closely with the client and the delivery team to establish an effective approach from day one. We analyze your ideal customer profile, value proposition, and marketing collateral (site, one-pagers, presentations, etc.), use industry best practices, and then adjust our tactics accordingly throughout the campaign lifecycle.

We have strict rules about our tone of voice. Can your writing team follow them?

Absolutely. Before we start, we analyze your style and tone of voice to craft the messages, matching them. Your marketing team can always review them and add suggestions to reach maximum compliance.

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