Belkins Client Delivery Team
Content Writer
The content within your sales email significantly impacts your campaign’s success. It’s why we ensure every word is carefully selected to not only represent and enhance your brand, but is crafted to convert prospects into loyal clients.
Our team is more than just exceptional writers. They think strategically about the campaign and can swiftly adapt to a variety of industries, audiences, and requirements.
Kirill Potapkin
Head of Content Department
How it Works
How it works
First Day
After collecting materials, our team sketches up a rough outline of templates. We review the VP form, the ICP, your website, and the team’s LinkedIn profiles.
What Sets Belkins's
Content Writers Apart
Our Team
Partnering with an outsourced content writing team, you’ll work with 10+ professionals whose backgrounds and expertise extend to nearly every industry imaginable.
Best Tools
Equipped with a robust, AI-powered tech stack, we ensure every email is cut for perfection and delivered for maximum impact.
As a team, we work with lead researchers, account managers, and SDRs to ensure the message is in sync with your KPIs and effective email campaign methods are delivered.
Knowledge Base
Always testing and iterating various hypotheses, we stay on top of trends and best practices to continually refine your email template.
With our data-focused and KPI-driven approach, tangible metrics are how we measure your success. We rely on qualified booked appointments and closed deals to maximize our partnership.
Growth Culture
Progress and growth are at the very core of our department, and knowledge is our greatest asset. We’re eager for new work experience and personal development.
Prefer LinkedIn to Emails?
Receive weekly LinkedIn content that establishes your brand.
Belkins Content Team’s

We start by immersing in your industry to understand your business and product before scripting content.


Every email is rigorously examined with multiple QA stages.


With an obsession for detail, we produce laser-focused campaigns devoid of extraneous information.


We deliver 2x times faster in the industry on average. Our clients can expect qualified leads within the first 30 days.


Direct, targeted copy captures attention. But personalized, tailored messaging books appointments.


We relentlessly pursue success in finding what resonates with prospects to book more appts for our partners.

The Content We Write
Email Campaigns
Open Rates
Reply Rates
We’ll create a variety of email campaigns using historical data and insights, industry best practices, and highly-targeted approaches to book more appointments.
Inbound Sales Campaigns
Reengaged Leads
Higher Conversions
Have your leads fallen off after a demo? Are you looking to re-engage lost opportunities? We will provide targeted templates for your sales staff to turn lost deals into closed business.
LinkedIn Influencer Posts
Engagement Rates
Unique Monthly Visitors
Build credibility and trust by establishing yourself as an opinion leader through engaging and thought-provoking publications.
LinkedIn Messages
Higher Conversion Rates
Reply Rates
From prospecting and network building to lead research and appointment settings, we leverage our LinkedIn outreach service and its messaging capabilities to fill your pipeline with fresh opportunities.

Meet the Clients That Grow With Us

Sending tons of emails, closing millions of B2B appointments to help our customers generate massive revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How are your email campaigns different from those available in open libraries?
    As the #1 ranked appointment-setting agency, we’ve set the standard for outbound sales email campaigns across the entire B2B spectrum. Our approach goes far beyond writing email templates; we analyze all available information and execute an effective and unique approach with every project.
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    Do you A/B test your approaches to determine which ones work best?
    Of course – we use this data to adjust our campaigns for maximum effectiveness and performance.
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    How do you come up with the template strategy?
    We collaborate closely with the client and the delivery team to establish an effective approach from day one. We analyze your ideal customer profile, value proposition and marketing collateral (sites, one-pagers, presentations, etc.), use industry best practices, and then adjust our approaches accordingly throughout the campaign lifecycle.
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    How do you decide which best practices to apply?
    Historically, we have acquired a wealth of data and have tested various approaches in a number of industries. We use this knowledge to your advantage and apply tried-and-true methods for the best possible outcomes.
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    What are the average open/reply rates across your campaigns?
    We average 30%-40% open rates and 2-3% reply rates across all campaigns. Want to see those numbers in action? Hear from our customers on the testimonial page or read about each project in-depth with the case studies.