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We have seen significant ROI on each campaign ran by Belkins and have also seen a meaningful increase in our overall closed deals since working with Belkins.
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Emily GilmanReview from Clutch.co
376Appointments booked
$100KAverage deal size
We helped multiple healthcare companies generate sales leads

Proven strategies to overcome your lead generation pains

Differentiation strategy and tailored outreach
To help you stand out and attract qualified healthcare sales leads, we analyze your competition, review your ICP, and shape your value proposition. Upon that, we create and launch targeted cold outreach campaigns, focused on your niche.
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Healthcare companies that
boosted their sales with us

Check out how we helped medical businesses match with qualified sales leads.

  • GoHealth Urgent Care logo
    A comprehensive outbound strategy for an online health insurance marketplace

    GoHealth Urgent Care wanted to scale the appointments, but they didn’t have a capacity for an effective follow-up because of a small sales team. Belkins served as an extension to their internal team, implementing timely and consistent follow-up strategy, expanding ICP, and introducing the scoring process to allocate the resources of GoHealth sales team wisely. As a result, the client managed to seal multiple high-ticket deals.

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    376appointments booked
    $100Кavg. deal size
  • OpenTeleHealth (OTH) logo
    Data-driven strategic outreach for a cloud-based remote patient monitoring app

    To help OpenTeleHealth fill their sales pipeline with high-quality prospects, we added not only medical positions to the pool of titles, refined value prop, and localized campaigns for German-speaking countries. This resulted in 91 meetings out of 60 promised in the first 3 months, low number of no-shows, and high conversions into paying customers.

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    116appointments booked in 4 months
    130%avg. KPI rate achieved
  • Mindstrong logo
    Kicking off cold outreach for a mental health app provider

    Mindstrong needed more leads to speed up their sales cycle but they had a limited bandwidth and decided to try B2B healthcare lead generation for the first time. We analyzed their ICP and came up with highly personalized campaigns for 2 audiences. They brought qualified meetings with sales-ready prospects. Several of them turned into paying customers even despite the low season.

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    34appointments booked in 2 months
    130% avg. KPI rate achieved

B2B sales company

As a lead generation company with over 7-year track record of matching businesses of different size with their potential clients, we know how to keep our own clients happy with the quality of our services.

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Belkins logoWith Belkins
We’ve got you covered on each step above
Closing deals

We enable healthcare companies to generate deals with average size of $100K and more

We deliver quality business leads that convert into high-ticket sales for the following verticals:
Hospitals & clinics
Medical devices
Pharmaceuticals & biopharma
Health insurance
Mental health
Durable medical equipment
Medical billing
Clinical trials
Healthcare IT
Healthcare technology
Corporate health and well-being

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