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What do clients say about Belkins?

Listen to our clients’ stories and learn how the Belkins approach helped them grow their businesses.
Tina Valenti
Business Development Manager
at ModuleQ
Information Technology & Services

Lightning Fast Meetings Booked and a Pilot Program Ready to Close for AI-Based Business Software

It was great to learn about what the best practices were. The research team did a great job of finding a ton of companies we wouldn’t have had time too. Belkins helped us understand which titles were good, and how to make modifications on templates. We may close a pilot soon, that was very helpful for us.
Booked Appointments Monthly
Hight-value Prospects Engaged
Steven Lundberg
Principal and Chief Innovation Officer
at Black Hills IP
Information Technology & Services

Large Customer Prospects Finally Reached and Deals Coming to Fruition

Belkins has done a really outstanding job and actually greatly exceeded our expectations. It’s enough appointments that I’ve actually lost track of how many you guys set up, most of which all have been very high quality. There were at least a couple that were very large customer prospects that are moving forward now.
Email Open Rate
Tony Rozanski
Head of Finance and Operations
at Ebco
Information Technology & Services

New Appointments Booked & Re-engagement of Old Leads to Close More Deals for a Research Agency

What belkins team picked up on is how we do things here at Ebco. Belkins has proposed new ideas for us to challenge or bring on new clients; it’s pretty refreshing. A lot of other vendors stop at a certain point, but Belkins went further than that and really learned along the way the little nuances of our business and really pulls it out.
Booked Appointments
Email Open Rate
Keith Lee
Director of Account Management
at Swit
Software Development

C-level Executive Meetings Booked and Boost in Brand Awareness for a SaaS Company

Belkins has been ver effective in booking meetings and getting us in contact with companies who might be interested in using our tool. It’s been very effective in generating interest and getting to the decision-makers.
Email Open Rate
Meetings Booked Monthly
Andrea Rosi
Chief Operating Officer
at StatSocial
Advertising & Marketing

Lightning Fast Appts Set By Establishing NewICP for a Social Audience Insight Platform

I feel like Belkins sort of integrated itself into our own, and so it has been able to onboard really quickly. You have the right staff and tools to be able to get up to speed fast so you can speak to the client in an effective way.
Email Open Rate
Will Zimbler
Head of Business Development
Information Technology & Services

50% Increase in Pipeline and New Markets Opened for a Data Transfer Company

Our sales pipeline has actually grown by 50% because of Belkins. Obviously, we’ve also grown in terms of the number of contacts that know about LISNR. We are really excited about a couple of opportunities that we have in Europe.
Sales Pipeline Growth
Meetings Booked
Jon Reidar
CEO at Labrador CMS
Information Technology & Services

50+ Apps Booked, Meeting with Google, and 85% Email Open Rate Achieved for a CMS Provider

Outside Norway, we didn’t have any employees with knowledge of our media industry. Belkins helped us reach out to more potential B2B clients, created a lot of contacts for us, and generated numerous meetings with organizations like Deutsche Zeitung and Google.
Email Open Rate
Kaitlin Debbaro
Director of Marketing Communications
at Simply NUC
Computer Software

Impressive ROI, Increasing Pipeline and Spam Problem Fixed For a Global PC Provider Company

We initially tried a DIY approach but ran into high bounce rate and a low number of responses. Belkins became our turnkey solution to lead generation. Our pipeline is filled with brand new deals and our ROI has been incredible. Belkins is great.
ROI Increase
Email Response Rate
Laurent Bresson
CEO and Chief Relationship Officer
at Pairaphrase
Software Development

Appointments Doubled For a Software Development Company

Our main challenge was that we weren’t making any outbound sales. Personally, I tried to send emails and connect on LinkedIn, but with no success. With Belkins, we upgraded to 10 meetings a month, which exceeded our plan of getting 5 meetings monthly.
New Appointments Every Month
High-value Prospects Engaged
Stephen Skeel
Executive Producer
at 7 Wonders Cinema
Advertising & Marketing

300% Year-Over-Year Growth for a Digital Marketing Agency

We wanted to scale up; we wanted more; we wanted to enter new markets. Belkins really started to book new meetings for us that were entering into new categories, new opportunities with new clients, and we started to grow tremendously over the last six months.
Year-over-year Growth
Long-term Clients Secured
Matt Gallagher
Chief Revenue Officer at UniFocus

56 Appointments Booked for SaaS Workforce Management Provider

We needed a pipeline to our goals. I’m a firm believer in SDRs, but the labor market in the USA made it very hard to hire SDRs. So we reached out to Belkins, and they did outbound prospecting to new logos, providing a massive number of meetings that were introduced into the pipeline.
Email Open Rate
Meetings Booked
Tim Parkman
Managing Director at
Lessons Learned
Banking & Fintech

$10,000+ Deals and 5+ Weekly Appointments Exceeds Limits for a Training & Ed Provider

As a small team with an elite client base, we were facing some conversion issues and needed an outbound marketing pipeline for generating opportunities! Ever since we partnered with Belkins, there has hardly been a week without appointments with good, qualified companies.
Weekly Appointments
Lead Generation Increase

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