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What do clients say about Belkins?

Listen to our clients’ stories and learn how the Belkins approach helped them grow their businesses.
Kip Kugler
Senior Vice President of Sales
Advertising & Marketing

Connection with Billion-Dollar Organizations for an IT Staffing Company

The Senior Vice President of Sales Kip Kugler speaks how collaboration with Belkins helped get a stable lead flow for their pipeline and close deals with several-billion dollar organizations. Find out more.
Daniel Ready
Director of Business Development
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

1,000% ROI and 5+ Dream Clients Won for a Health Tech Company

In this video testimonial, Daniel Ready, the director of business development at Decision Point (a health technology company from Boston), shares details and results of our collaboration.
ROI received
Deals closed
Sepy Bazzazi
Director of Marketing at Dyspatch
Advertising & Marketing

5 Opportunities just in 1 Month for an Email Creation Platform

Dyspatch’s director of marketing, Sepy Bazzazi, shares how Belkins created sales magic by bringing thousands of qualified leads to their sales funnel, allowing them to close some massive contracts.
Opportunities just in 1 month
Qualified leads generated
Justin Lynch
Founder and CEO of X3 Marketing
Advertising & Marketing

Face-to-Face Appointments Result in Big Deals for a Niche Marketing Agency

The founder and CEO of X3 Marketing, Justin Lynch, outlines the challenges of getting in front of their ideal customers. Even with their niche expertise and stand-out value proposition, they weren’t able to reach the right prospects.
Deals closed in 5 months
Leads generated
Brendan Panasiuk
Account Executive at Expert Reputation
Advertising & Marketing

Highly-Targeted Lead Gen Results in Game-Changing Opportunities for a Review Generation Company

The company’s account executive, shares how partnering with Belkins helped him get in front of the right decision-makers and acquire new and impressive opportunities. Expert Reputation is about to close 2 deals and has plenty of opportunities forming in new industries.
Liam Maddock and David Reese
VP of Marketing and Business Development Manager at Genius Avenue
Advertising & Marketing

25% Boost in High-Quality Appointments for a Customer Acquisition Company

Like most B2B service companies, Genius Avenue faced typical outbound issues: finding the right people and getting in front of them at the right time. How did Belkins tackle this challenge to drive new appts and deals? Find out more in this client review.
Appointments booked
Boost in appointment rate
Tony Hoff
Marketing Director at SBS
Software Development

Massive Deal with Nationally Recognized Healthcare Org & New Market Prospecting for Voting Software

Data accuracy was the biggest challenge with outbound marketing for Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS). The company required a proficient prospecting partner with highly-equipped processes who could conduct thorough lead research. That's what led SBS to Belkins.
Appointments booked
Avg. KPIs achieved
Tina Valenti
Business Development Manager
at ModuleQ
Information Technology & Services

Lightning Fast Meetings Booked and a Pilot Program Ready to Close for AI-Based Business Software

It was great to learn about what the best practices were. The research team did a great job of finding a ton of companies we wouldn’t have had time too. Belkins helped us understand which titles were good, and how to make modifications on templates. We may close a pilot soon, that was very helpful for us.
Booked Appointments Monthly
Hight-value Prospects Engaged
Steven Lundberg
Principal and Chief Innovation Officer
at Black Hills IP
Information Technology & Services

Large Customer Prospects Finally Reached and Deals Coming to Fruition

Belkins has done a really outstanding job and actually greatly exceeded our expectations. It’s enough appointments that I’ve actually lost track of how many you guys set up, most of which all have been very high quality. There were at least a couple that were very large customer prospects that are moving forward now.
Email Open Rate
Tony Rozanski
Head of Finance and Operations
at Ebco
Information Technology & Services

New Appointments Booked & Re-engagement of Old Leads to Close More Deals for a Research Agency

What belkins team picked up on is how we do things here at Ebco. Belkins has proposed new ideas for us to challenge or bring on new clients; it’s pretty refreshing. A lot of other vendors stop at a certain point, but Belkins went further than that and really learned along the way the little nuances of our business and really pulls it out.
Booked Appointments
Email Open Rate
Keith Lee
Director of Account Management
at Swit
Software Development

C-level Executive Meetings Booked and Boost in Brand Awareness for a SaaS Company

Belkins has been ver effective in booking meetings and getting us in contact with companies who might be interested in using our tool. It’s been very effective in generating interest and getting to the decision-makers.
Email Open Rate
Meetings Booked Monthly
Andrea Rosi
Chief Operating Officer
at StatSocial
Advertising & Marketing

Lightning Fast Appts Set By Establishing NewICP for a Social Audience Insight Platform

I feel like Belkins sort of integrated itself into our own, and so it has been able to onboard really quickly. You have the right staff and tools to be able to get up to speed fast so you can speak to the client in an effective way.
Email Open Rate

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