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Focus on closing deals, while we retrieve, qualify, and nurture your leads until they demonstrate genuine interest in your products or services.


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with sales development

See how our personalized services can help you turn issues into opportunities.

You don’t have SDRs to retrieve leads
Get pro outsourced SDRs working on your behalf
You’ve got no tools for effective lead management
Gain powerful CRM to organize and automate sales
You lack quality leads
Receive regularly incoming opportunities
You need to get better results without overhead
Achieve 10:1 ROI over a year & up to 60% CAC reduction

Outstanding results our clients get

See how other companies scale and boost their revenue with our help.

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Get more deals with less effort

We’ve got you covered from lead research to booking appointments.

200+new opportunities yearly
15%deal closing rate
1/4cost of in-house team

How sales development works

We’ve created and fine-tuned a process that helps us to get the most out of each
stage of targeting, qualifying, and nurturing your leads.
Lead gen and qualification

Lead gen and qualification

Analyzing ICP, TAM, and evaluating leads potential

  • To connect you with the relevant people, we study your ICP, industry specifics, and do initial market research.

  • Then, we search for the decision-makers and qualify them against a number of criteria to make sure these leads have sales potential and are ready to move forward.

  • At last, we categorize leads and gather additional info about them and their companies to tailor messages to their needs.

Outreach campaign

Outreach campaign

Creating and delivering personalized messages

  • Our team comes up with outreach strategy and develops custom email campaigns, based on your leads pain points.

  • Along with that, our email deliverability specialists take care of tech settings to make sure emails land to your prospect’s inbox.

  • We track each wave and adjust templates to drive more engagement and conversions.

Appointment booking

Appointment booking

Securing meetings with your prospects

  • Our SDRs continue nurturing those people, who replied to the emails and book appointments with you or your revenue team.

  • Shortly before the call, we reach out to your prospects once more to get a confirmation they’ll come.

  • If they still fail to show up for the meeting, we follow up with them to find out the reasons and suggest a new date.

Want 100 to 300 opportunities yearly?

Book a call with our revenue exec to discuss your growth-oriented business development strategy.

Who will work with you?

Our dedicated team consists of an experienced AM to handle all your questions, SDR, lead researcher,
copywriter, and email deliverability specialist. Together, they’ve got your sales development covered.

Will we make a good fit?

To make our collaboration mutually beneficial, let’s align our expectations.
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It’ll work out, if you:

Don’t have an in-house team of SDRs
Struggle to drive new opportunities consistently
Need to fill your pipeline with high-quality leads on a regular basis
Want to increase your lead-to-appointment conversion without overhead
Haven’t used outbound, but want to leverage this channel
Look for a sales-boosting strategy that works
Let’s boost your sales

We’re not:

Doing cold calls, our focus is on email outreach and LinkedIn marketing
Able to deliver if you’re not visible (we need you to have website, marketing materials, case studies, and LinkedIn profile)
Undertaking projects without goals, otherwise we won’t be able to define our KPIs
Promising overnight results, though we can guarantee booking appointments consistently
Come back later


How does your sales development differ from other agencies?

Our SDRs have an industry-specific experience, so if you work in healthcare, we’ll assign you a specialist who has relevant background. This allows them to dive into your domain and project specifics much faster.

Also, we have an in-house tool that helps us improve email deliverability and ensure your clients see the emails we send them while nurturing.

How much time would it take for me to see the first results?

Depending on the industry and company size you are targeting, you can see the first appointments in a few weeks, right after we get acquainted with your product and/or services and launch the first email sequences.

How do you report on results?

We present you weekly reports on campaigns’ performance in Google Data Studio during our sync-up calls to reflect real-time and historical data.

What happens if a prospect doesn’t show up for a meeting?

We follow them up to discover the reasons and reschedule the appointment. Not to let that happen, we always send your leads a reminder shortly before the call.

What CRM do you use?

We’re a HubSpot Premium Solution partner, and enjoy HubSpot to the fullest, as it gives our sales and marketing teams a perfect space for keeping track of all our campaigns and opportunities. To help you streamline and automate lead acquisition and management, we can integrate Sales and Marketing Hub Professional into your infrastructure and transfer all the data from your old CRM to HubSpot.

Ready to start getting clients?

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