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Stop losing deals
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follow-up strategy

No more ghosted prospects. Expert SDRs will lead them through your pipeline, from initial meeting to signed contract.


Struggling to win opportunities
from your pipeline?

See how our sales enablement services can resolve your challenges.

Reach up to 15% (or more) closing rate
Boost conversions from opportunity to closed-won and hit your sales goals with our proven methodologies and approach, experienced SDR team, and effective lead management tools.
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Demonstrated clients’ growth

See how other companies hit their goals with our sales enablement consulting.

B2B sales agency

Being recognized as a top performer through numerous industry awards is priceless. But to us, satisfied clients are worth more than any award.
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200+Opportunities yearly
15%Deal closing rate
10:1ROI achieved

How our sales enablement service works

We’ve built a proven sales follow-up process that will boost your deal-closing rate.
Initial configurations

Initial configurations

Setting up CRM and cleaning your pipeline

  • To organize and automate your processes, we start with the HubSpot CRM integration.

  • We then analyze your current sales workflow and configure it to reduce bottlenecks.

  • Lastly, we clean up your CRM by initiating dialogue with prospects who haven’t been updated.

Team onboarding

Team onboarding

Diving deep into your domain and sales nuances

  • We assign a dedicated SDR to each of your SEs and set one-on-one meetings between them to discuss the current process, its peculiarities, and challenges.

  • Each of our sales enablement consultants studies your business in detail before starting, including ICPs, value prop, TAM, and competitors.

Following up

Following up

Covering existing opportunities and supporting new ones

  • After getting a holistic picture of your business, we come up with personalized follow-up messages to lead your prospects through your pipeline.

  • Upon updating information on the existing opportunities, we provide ongoing support for the new ones.

  • We meet monthly to discuss the results, reflect on the process, and make any necessary adjustments.


Would our services fit what you're looking for?

This simple checklist will help you understand if our sales
enablement consulting services are right for you:

  • iconYou need to systematize and update your pipeline.
  • iconYou want to increase revenue and close more deals.
  • iconYou’re losing opportunities halfway through the pipeline.
  • iconYou don’t have manpower and bandwidth to do the follow-ups.
  • iconYou want to orchestrate your after-demo processes.
  • iconYou want a long-term partner and are ready to invest in this collaboration.

Your dedicated
sales enablement consultants

Meet the team driving your pipeline and bringing you more revenue.


How long does it take to see results?

It depends on the industry and company size you’re targeting. Some campaigns start producing fruit in the first few weeks, while others may take a month or so to warm up. On our side, we tailor our B2B sales enablement solutions to your specific case and do everything possible to accelerate the process.

Can you work with my custom-built CRM?

We prefer HubSpot CRM as it’s easy to set up, launch, manage, and track campaigns. Most in-house CRMs we’ve seen can’t provide half of the functionality and flexibility of HubSpot.

As your HubSpot Premium Solutions Partner, we can seamlessly integrate it into your pipeline, configure it completely, and import your contact database.

Do you train my team on how to do sales enablement right?

No, our primary goal is to lighten the load for your sales executives so they can focus on pitching instead of performing routine operations. In other words, we provide an additional pair of hands to build a more cost-effective sales follow-up process.

How much do you charge for it?

Pricing varies based on multiple factors, such as the volume of leads per month, required configurations, and extra services you may need. Find more info about our pricing structure and receive a personalized quote on our pricing page.

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