Belkins Client Delivery Team
Email Deliverability Expert
An email deliverability expert (EDS) specializes in all things email-related, from infrastructure to the latest trends, to maximize the number of messages received.
Our mission is to ensure every campaign is fine-tuned and delivers perfect domain health with a 0% spam rate.
Mira Vdovychenko
Head of Email Deliverability Department
How it Works
How it works
First Day
First, we research a domain name similar to your own. Once approved, email deliverability consultants tune DNS records, create new mailboxes, and start the warming up process.
Taking Email Deliverability
to the Next Level
Thorough Analysis
An in-depth research process covers general domain audit, domain zones risk analysis, mailbox options review, and more to provide you with strategic domain health measures.
Spam Triggers Detection

With a keen understanding of Google algorithms, we conclude words, signatures, and content elements that are allowed.

Steady Domain Reputation

As we perfect your approach, we keep a close eye on your domain reputation to ensure the best outcome.

Open-Rate Focus

In order to keep your open rate high, you must maintain a good reputation. Our deliverability consultants are experts at monitoring and keeping your reputation at a certain level, so your emails always reach an avg 60% open rate, depending on industry.

Industry Standards

With thousands of projects perfected to date, we’ve built process automation backed by Belkins’s premier service, Folderly.

Contribution to ROI

Companies without a deliverability department may require a domain change once every 3 weeks, costing them $40-70 each time, but with an EDS, you’ll maintain performance and budget.

Do You Still Think Zero Spam Rates are Unreal?
Email deliverability wizards of Belkins will convince otherwise.
Deliverability Core Competencies
Domain Preparation

Set correct DNS, DKIM, SPF, and MX records that prove the domain’s credibility.

Content Quality Monitoring

We leverage advanced stop word detection tools to eliminate spam rates.

Previous Activity Research

We examine your current outreach details and detect key improvement points.


Inbox Rate

Royal Folderly

IP Address


Lead Quality Check

We decide on the recipients and predict all possible deliverability factors.

Sending Limits Estimation

Based on your industry and goals, we assess sent emails’ limits.

Deciding on the Sender’s Persona

We select a sender address and polish signatures for more effectiveness.


Folderly – The Paragon of Email Deliverability Service

When we made the very first steps in email outreach, we had to warm up mailboxes and examine their health manually. But these days are forgotten thanks to our own game-changing tool Folderly.

With this core instrument, Belkins’s EDSs are capable of:
Conducting domain analysis
Getting descriptive data about key metrics
Performing automated mailbox warm-up
Carrying out content verification

Meet the Clients That Grow With Us

Sending tons of emails, closing millions of B2B appointments to help our customers generate massive revenue.

Case studies

Outperforming KPIs by Booking 90 Appointments for a Proximity Platform
Appointments booked in 6 months
KPIs delivered
With no regional limitations, Belkins team had almost endless opportunities in research. We managed to reach 140% of KPIs in the first months, setting a great tempo for the whole collaboration.
Stephen Skeel
Executive Producer and Co-Founder
at 7 Wonders Cinema
May, 2021

Without Belkins, we would not be where we are right now.

Pedro Morgado
Pedro Morgado
BytePitch Founder
IT Services (11-50 emp.)
May, 2020

Great Appointment
Setting Agency!

Ivan Talaychuk
Ivan Talaychuk
Co-Founder, CEO
g2 / 4.9 score
55 reviews
Matt Gallagher
Chief Revenue Officer at Unifocus
15% Close Rate with Embracing the Art Dualism of Sales for Financial Consulting Firm MONA
Sales closing rate
Appointments scheduled
Having outsourced sales prospecting to Belkins, MONA obtained 59 qualified appointments and 3 deals were closed during the very early days of the cooperation. Belkins’s prospecting strategy included cold email outreach and LinkedIn prospecting.
clutch / 4.9 score
125 reviews
Jul 22, 2021

Their team is very attentive to our business needs.

Ekaterina Sushchevskaya
Ekaterina Sushchevskaya
Account Executive Team Lead, SaaS Firm
Software (11-50 emp.)
Nov 25, 2021

They are committed to producing quality results.

Alan Morte
Alan Morte
Head of Analytics, Three Ventures
Marketing & Advertising (51-1000 emp.)

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can Belkins find the reasons for my low email open rate?
    There may be a few reasons, but most likely, your messages are going to spam. It is necessary to examine your domain and senders’ mailboxes, check if your domain is on blacklists, and after this, we can give you the exact answer.
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    My emails are going to spam – how can you fix this?
    We’ll first need to run some tests to understand how many letters are going to spam. Once we know why this is happening, we’ll arm up your mailbox to restore your reputation and avoid previous mistakes.
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    How is my reputation score configured?
    Numerous factors affect your domain score. The basic ones are domain authentication, volumes of sent messages, presence of your domain in blacklists, as well as content and lead list quality.
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    What is a mailbox warm-up and why do I need this?
    It is the process of real mailing imitation, which positively affects domain reputation. Why is it important to do this before starting the outreach? Because instantly sending thousands of emails from a new mailbox will signal a spam mailing.
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    What are the main factors to consider before launching a cold email campaign?
    Even the tiniest elements matter. We consider domain history, its name length (e.g., the short domain name may look suspicious), email content, lead quality, the senders’ personality, and many more.
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    Should I buy a new domain or fix the issues with the existing one?
    If you don’t have the resources, it’s better to buy a new one. And if you’re unsure of the reasons for your domain’s health, be prepared to repeat this process once every 2-3 weeks, which is expensive and time-consuming. Belkins email consultancy team will boost your ROI, saving you time and money, all while increasing your outreach and open rates.