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Stand out from the competition with our turnkey lead-to-deal services. Focus on your core business, while we handle the rest.
5.0 stars on Clutch
Our plan was to make 15 calls in 3 months. The results were impressive: they were able to deliver 15 within 1 month and almost double this number: 27!
Review from Clutch.co
Lukas FiodorovasReview from Clutch.co
$150KAverage deal size per year
155%CAC reduction
We helped great manufacturing brands generate B2B leads

Our modern approach
solves your pains

Expand your client base
Start selling beyond state lines and reach new customers worldwide without overhead. Our full-stack team conducts manual lead research and double qualification backed by advanced tools, to help you build a solid pipeline ready for conversion. We craft personalized campaigns with value propositions that match your prospects' pain points.
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Clients who elevated
sales performance with us

Check out how we help B2B manufactures enhance their lead generation and boost ROI.

  • AMI Global logo
    Belkins hit the bullseye targeting decision-makers for an IIoT company

    AMI Global faced significant challenges in client acquisition and reaching key stakeholders. In 18 months, Belkins redefined their outreach strategy and booked 100+ appointments, including 29 with major enterprises. Moreover, the client achieved a 500% increase in deal closures.

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    100+appointments booked in 18 months
    29appointments with enterprise businesses
  • Sekisui Chemical logo
    Driving growth for a hardware manufacturing company with account-based marketing

    In 4 months, Belkins helped Sekisui secure 21 appointments, including 6 with dream clients, and get a 15% deal closure rate. Strategic ABM and focused lead research propelled high-value connections, featuring a pivotal meeting with General Motors.

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    21appointment booked in 4 months
    15% deal closing ratio
  • Omnicharge logo
    Shortening sales cycles for portable power solutions provider with LinkedIn strategies

    Faced with declining sales and low brand visibility, Omnicharge utilized Belkins’ targeted LinkedIn marketing and innovative demo unit promotions to expand their global market presence. The results speak for themselves: a 50% increase in appointment rates and 9 deals closed in just 3 months.

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    320+Appointments in 12 months
    9Deals won in first 3 months

B2B sales company

Our manufacturing lead generation agency is at your disposal. See how we help other businesses hack their growth.

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Our full-cycle lead gen
for manufacturing companies

Before Belkins
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Belkins logoWith Belkins
We take care of all the problems above
Closing deals

We help manufacturers selling B2B
goods worth $25K-$250K and

We deliver only qualified leads for manufacturers, leading to a 50% increase in appointment setting rates. From startups to established enterprises, we specialize in sales growth for:
Internet of Things
Solar panels
Robotics & automation
Industrial packaging
Wearable technology

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