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Refine your ideal customer profile for precise targeting and predictable lead flow
We help you tailor your ideal customer profile (ICP) to accurately target only ready-to-buy prospects. This way your team always has a stable, manageable flow of opportunities in the pipeline.
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Clients’ success stories

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Need to build awareness?

We help expand your presence and grab your prospects’ attention.

200+Opportunities yearly
15%Deal closing rate
10:1ROI achieved

B2B demand generation in action

How do our outbound tactics create demand? Take a look at our workflow.
Audience definition

Audience definition

Shaping your TAM, ICP, and value prop

  • First, we study your market, service or product, and distinctive features, as well as the core pain points you address.

  • After that, we either draft and approve your ICP if you don’t have one or propose adjustments to the existing one for precise targeting.

  • We create several unique value propositions for the chosen client profiles. This helps us analyze the potential demand existing in your niche.

Pilot campaigns launch

Pilot campaigns launch

Creating and testing tailored outreach campaigns

  • Experienced writers craft several sequences of emails and LinkedIn messages for each group of ICPs to address their pain points.

  • Our tech specialists take care of domain and mailbox configuration to prevent possible spam issues.

  • We launch multichannel cadences and monitor performance to understand which templates create the highest demand for your offering.

Full-fledged outreach

Full-fledged outreach

Launching mass campaigns and booking appointments

  • After the pilot campaigns are over, our SDRs provide you with a detailed report on prospects’ engagement, basic KPIs of multichannel outreach, and the most popular replies.

  • We also analyze results, improve the pilot VP, and sharpen the ICPs if needed.

  • Finally, we initiate full-fledged lead research and outreach, filling your pipeline with appointments.


Find out if we make a perfect match

Are we the ideal demand generation company for you? Check whether these are your basic challenges right now:

  • iconYou developed a new product and want to launch pilot campaigns with minimal risk.
  • iconYou aren’t sure how to best improve your value proposition.
  • iconYou’d like to test new hypotheses and business ideas quickly.
  • iconYou need to build a promo strategy but lack proper experience.
  • iconYou want to pinpoint what your target market is.
  • iconYou don’t have the time or resources to build a new sales team.
  • iconYou’ve never used email or LinkedIn for outreach.

The professionals
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Meet Belkins’ demand generation team in charge of your growth.


What does an effective demand generation strategy look like?

From our experience, a successful strategy takes a lot of preparation, research, testing, and adjusting. Also, an inevitable part of effective demand generation is your company’s visibility, which includes your LinkedIn presence, website conversion, proven track record, and client testimonials.

How many ICPs or VPs can you test at the same time?

Technically, there are no limitations — except for when there are not enough leads for each ICP or when you want to promote several products or services at once. Yet we can even overcome those restrictions by extending the pool of titles or industries and scaling the team working on your project.

To deliver optimal results, prepare the sequences more thoroughly, and monitor campaigns’ efficiency, we usually stick to testing 2–3 messages for each ICP.

What outbound demand generation KPIs do you track?

We monitor the number of SQLs generated, message reply rates, the positive/negative reply ratio, the number of booked appointments, and your ROI.

How long do you need to run demand generation campaigns to see real results?

On average, we can achieve optimal results for completely new products and services within 6 to 12 months. The exact time frame depends on the industry, product features, sales cycle, and business model.

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