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We create targeted account lists of the ones who really matter and hit them with personalized campaigns they can’t ignore. No more wasting time on non-essential stakeholders who won’t bite. This way, we get your sales cycle moving faster by focusing on the right people right away.
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How we get attention
of your decision-makers

Explore our strategy of building strong partnerships with your prospects.
Market analysis & research

Market analysis & research

Target segments identification and qualification

  • Our Research Specialists analyze target segments, identifying industries and sub-industries ripe with high-value potential, to ensure a focused approach.

  • Then, we compile target account lists (TALs), profiling key buying committee personas within your ICP — including full names, companies, job titles, buying roles, contact info, annual revenue, etc.

  • Our team pinpoints and addresses core pain points within your target industry and crafts a tailored value proposition that speaks directly to the needs and challenges of your decision-makers.

  • We determine the key decision-maker titles related to identified pain points and strategically select the number of accounts to target.

  • A critical audit of current ad accounts paves the way for developing a new campaign, tailored to your unique market position.

ABM campaign preparation

ABM campaign preparation

Personalized content asset creation

  • We develop a comprehensive media strategy, selecting the optimal channels, defining budget allocations, and setting clear targets for demographics, campaign duration, and conversion expectations.

  • Our team designs tailored email campaigns and develops customized landing pages along with segment-specific web content. This ensures every interaction with key buying stakeholders is relevant and impactful, directly addressing their unique needs and aligning with your ICP.

  • From crafting creative packs for selected paid ad channels to conducting A/B testing for optimal layout, we ensure every aspect is finely tuned. We offer integration with HubSpot CRM and analytics setup to enable seamless lead capture and performance tracking.

  • We prepare advertising budgets for all chosen channels, guaranteeing efficient allocation of resources for maximum impact.

Campaign launch

Campaign launch

Establishing and nurturing meaningful connections with key decision-makers

  • Utilizing an ABM strategy, we initiate contact with the buying committee, fostering relationships that lead to successful partnerships.

  • From website launches to targeted paid ad campaigns and LinkedIn outreach, we ensure a coordinated presence across all relevant platforms.

  • Our strategically timed email campaigns keep your brand top-of-mind, nurturing leads through personalized communication.

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

Tracking your performance for ongoing campaign optimization

  • Through monthly reports, we offer transparent insights into key metrics and campaign efficacy: impressions, clicks to landing pages, average cost per click, engagement rates, conversions, etc.

  • Our ongoing lead research and appointment-setting analysis help us refine targeting, keeping the pipeline filled with exceptionally high-value leads.

  • We regularly conduct A/B testing, explore new channels, and develop fresh creatives and messaging to elevate your ABM campaigns. Also, we make updates to content and CTAs on landing pages to ensure your online presence remains engaging and conversion-focused.


Are we a good fit?

This simple checklist will help you decide if Belkins is the right ABM partner for you.

  • iconYour market is limited, and you need targeted, personalized offers.
  • iconYou require help in launching your new product.
  • iconYou want to get more value from existing customers.
  • iconYou aim to enter new markets and segments.
  • iconYou want to target decision-makers within specific organizations.
  • iconYour sales cycle is long, and you want clearer and higher ROI/ROMI.
  • iconYour leads don’t convert into high-value appointments.
  • iconDespite trying different channels, they haven't quite worked out.


What makes your ABM agency unique?

Our targeted outreach stands out due to blend of precision, hyper-personalization, and continuous optimization. Beyond crafting media strategies and creating customized content, we continuously track and analyze campaign performance. This rigorous monitoring allows us to refine our approaches in real-time, ensuring your message not only reaches but resonates deeply with your ICP.

What if my current marketing channels aren't cutting it?

Switch gears to a strategy that elevates your lead quality. Our approach aim at enhancing your conversion potential by focusing on high-quality, targeted leads that are more likely to convert. We move beyond scattergun marketing tactics to deliver precision-targeted campaigns.

Can ABM shorten my sales cycle?

Yes, by targeting smarter, not harder. We focus on nurturing high-potential accounts from the get-go, eliminating the inefficiency of broad-spectrum outreach. This direct approach means engaging only with key decision-makers who match your ICP, speeding up the sales process by keeping it focused and personalized.

What if I've tried various strategies with no success?

It's time for a targeted pivot. ABM is especially effective for businesses facing such challenges. Whether your product is complex, your market is niche, or previous methods have fallen short, ABM offers a strategic reset, focusing your efforts on the most promising prospects from the start.

How can ABM help if my target market seems too narrow?

Size isn't everything. Our targeted personalized offers are designed to maximize your ROI. We tailor personalized offers that significantly boost your ROI, even within a limited TAM. By identifying and focusing on exact matches within your niche, we ensure your marketing investment is efficient, targeting only those who are most likely to need and engage with your offering.

How much does your account-based marketing service cost?

The cost of our ABM service is determined on a case-by-case basis. We consider your specific needs, market conditions, and other relevant factors to tailor a cost-effective solution for you. After a detailed exploration of your situation, we'll provide a clear cost structure tailored to your goals.

Want to get decision-makers faster?

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