Appointment setting

Quality appointments come from measures that most appointment-making companies don’t have time for. At Belkins, the sharp end of your pipeline is our priority. We pass prospects to your sales team in coordinated workflow.

Build a framework

From lead generation to appointment setting

Ideal customer profile
We help you define your perfect B2B customer
Unique Value Proposition
We highlight your key selling points and unique differentiators
Mailbox Setup
We fine-tune your business mailbox for maximum efficiency
Pre-qualified lists
We use only validated lists of leads that undergo manual research
We prime your content for success with world-class copywriting
A/B Testing
We analyze the stats to identify your best-performing email templates
Account-based Outreach
We add value to your sales pitch with insights from account-based marketing
Advanced Communication
We enhance every prospect engagement with business intelligence
Your prospects are ready to talk shop. Are you?

Evolve your sales

Use the right techniques at each stage

Tailored targeting
Every appointment that we deliver is the result of our advanced account-based outreach campaigns and manual lead research.
Smart scheduling
When creating B2B appointments, we select a date, place and time that works for you, scheduling qualified calls in your shared calendar.
Dynamic communication
In addition to demo B2B sales appointments, we arrange face-to-face meetings with your prospects, at events, conferences and during business trips.
Organizational excellence
To ensure that your face-to-face meeting in the field goes as smoothly as possible, we choose the place that best suits you and your prospect and book it for the chosen date.
No-show recovery
We strategically follow up any prospect that didn’t show for their appointment and, if they’re still a good prospect, we nudge them towards rescheduling the meeting.