We Deliver Appointments
That Help Your Business Grow.

80% of the sales journey happens before your first conversation with a prospect. We take care of that 80% and get your sales team in front of your ideal customers faster through our appointment setting strategies.

We specialize in connecting the right people to your services or products.

At Belkins, our B2B sales expertise and proven outbound sales development methods enable us to craft and execute exemplary appointment setting campaigns for our clients. We ensure your continued success by testing, analyzing and adapting the results of our strategies on a daily basis.

Our seasoned team of professionals can take care of your leads and set appointments for you, enabling you to focus exclusively on closing new deals. We connect you with leads that are eager to start a conversation, bringing you one step closer to generous opportunities, and one step ahead of your competition.

Get a hand-curated sample of leads for free!
How It Works

Step 1

Campaign Outline

Meet your Sales Development Representative and Account Manager, who will get acquainted with your team, your company's business model, and your product or service to begin outlining your campaign.

Step 2

Target Audience

Provide your dedicated Research Manager with your ideal customer profile (ICP) and add any valuable data points for us to include in your lead lists. We will begin generating fresh leads and deliver them to you on a weekly basis.

Step 3


We’ll reach out to the prospects we generate with custom messaging and meaningful follow-ups across various platforms to provide a steady flow of appointments for your sales reps. We will warm up your prospects until they're 100% ready to engage with your business.

Step 4

Appointment Setting

Your Sales Development Representative will schedule meetings for your sales team and provide extensive details about the prospect to give you a head start. Additionally, we take care of calender invites, rescheduling, and confirmations.

Service Packages
Select a plan that fits your needs
Sales Start-up Package
Sales Growth Package
Sales Start-up Package
Campaign Duration
3 months
Services included:
Dedicated Sales Development Representative
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Research Manager
Weekly startegy calls and reports
Our teams use 20+ tools and 100+ niche-specific resources
15 Appointments Guaranteed
2,250 Marketing Qualified Leads
"Is This Right for Me?"

From startups to enterprises, our mission is simple - we help you get in front of your customers *faster*. We can ensure you build organic interest in your product or service by providing whatever your sales reps need to keep them focused only on selling. Closing and nurturing are vastly different skills, and our team of seasoned professionals can do the latter at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally. Thus, we have options for customers of every size and budget:


You are a one-man show. You want to establish a more effecient sales process but don't have the internal resources or personal time to micromanage everything. Our seasoned team will build and execute your outbound strategy while providing you with insights about the best tools, methodologies, and practices to implement specifically for your business.

Middle-Sized Companies

Being a successful entrepreneur means managing a massive to-do list. By letting us take care of your top-of-the-funnel and grow your sales pipeline, you can free up time to focus on the rest of your business.

The Appointment Setting program will help you generate new outbound opportunities, receive more inbound opportunities, grow and scale your business without increasing overhead.


When you launch a new product or test a new market, Belkins offers a full-cycle pre-sales program to analyze the potential and establish your presence. We will take care of your list building, anti-spam and appointment setting to create initial traction while you simply send contracts and pick up checks. We utilize and pay for more than 20 innovative outreach tools and over a 100 lead generation resources, so you don't have to waste a dime or train your sales teams internally.

Start increasing your conversions and get more deals today!
Loyal Customers
More than 430 satisfied clients in over 3 years with 90% retention rate.
Appointments Scheduled
More than 51,000 appointments delivered for our clients over the course of 3 years, across multiple industires.
ROI Achived
$10 dollar return per $1 invested accross 25 industries.
CAC Reduction
The reported average acquisition cost as a result of our marketing efforts is 35-75% lower.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Step 1
  • Submit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with new research qualifiers (15 minutes)

  • Submit a Value Proposition questionnaire for your email templates (30 minutes)

  • Previously used templates

Step 2
  • We set up mailboxes on your domain (Belkins can fully take care of this for you)

  • A workshop with your dedicated SDR and AM

  • Share your calendar and conference call tools, give access to CRM (15 minutes)

A team of 5 people spending 300h+ exclusively on your campaign.
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