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Get around 20 meetings monthly with qualified, warmed-up leads.

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Boost conversions with qualified leads
We handpick each lead and prequalify them before scheduling the meeting. Connecting only with ready-to-buy prospects increases your closing rate to around 15%.
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We take pride in our proven track record and are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an award-winning agency. To us, seeing our customers happy with our services is the best part.
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Identify and engage more leads using the best prospecting practices.

200+Opportunities yearly
15%Deal closing rate
10:1ROI achieved

How appointment setting works

We’ve mastered each step of the process so you get ready-to-buy leads.
Market fit validation

Market fit validation

Testing hypothesis and validating your ideas

  • To test your new product or service potential, we agree upon channel, value prop, and messaging.

  • Next, we launch several campaigns to identify potential sales opportunities and schedule quick chats with them.

  • Our team analyzes responses and feedback to determine whether your offer resonates with potential customers.

Lead research

Lead research

Preliminary analysis, search, and qualification

  • For precise targeting, we review your ICP and analyze TAM to identify matching decision-makers.

  • Once we find people who correspond with your criteria, we filter out those without buying potential.

  • Finally, we segment remaining leads and gather more details about them to deliver custom messages.

Multichannel outreach

Multichannel outreach

Designing and launching tailored campaigns

  • Based on your ICP and research data, we develop outreach strategies and prepare templates for personalized emails or LinkedIn messages.

  • At the same time, our tech experts configure and warm up mailboxes to make sure your emails are delivered and seen.

  • After launching the campaigns, we constantly monitor their vital metrics and adjust strategy as needed.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling

Booking meetings with ready-to-buy leads

  • SDRs get in touch with the leads who respond to our messages and suggest scheduling calls at your available time slots.

  • Our salespeople send gentle reminders to your leads about upcoming meetings.

  • In case of a no-show, we follow up to reschedule the meeting, as our goal is to bring you as many calls as possible.

What’s inside packages

Each package includes advanced lead research and qualification, appointment scheduling, no-show recovery, and weekly reports.

Optimal value-cost ratio package to kick off your lead gen. Test 3 different ICPs and messaging within one product.
100+Booked appointments
Up to 15,000Curated leads
Growth Plus
Our most popular appointment setting package, delivering double the number of opportunities and leads.
200+Booked appointments
Up to 30,000Curated leads
Increased team, faster scaling, and nearly unlimited A/B testing. Perfect for companies with vast TAM and the capacity to process calls we book.
300+Booked appointments
Up to 45,000Curated leads

We could be your perfect match

You’ll benefit from our B2B lead generation and appointment setting services if:

  • iconYou need to enrich your pipeline.
  • iconYou don’t know how to drive new opportunities.
  • iconYour lead-to-demo conversion rate is low.
  • iconYou haven’t tried outbound but want to seize this channel.
  • iconYou need a steady flow of leads and a predictable number of scheduled appointments.
  • iconYou don’t have time to hire and train an inbound SDR team.
  • iconYou’re looking for an efficient strategy to speed up your sales.
  • iconYou’re ready to make solid investments and build long-term partnerships.

Your dedicated
B2B appointment setters

Meet the team that makes your appointments happen.


How do you ensure those appointments happen?

When the lead is ready to meet, our appointment setter suggests free slots from your calendar and sets up the meeting. Before the call itself, we ping the lead to confirm the appointment. If they still don’t show up, we follow up with them and offer to reschedule until they are available to meet.

How do you qualify the leads?

We look for people matching your ICP and the criteria you approve. Upon aggregating a database of leads, we check their titles, determine the real decision-makers, verify emails, etc. We use multiple sources to confirm lead qualification, including LinkedIn and email verification tools.

Who owns the leads you found for us?

You own all the leads we find for you, and we outline this in our agreements for full transparency and peace of mind.

How much do your services cost?

Price is based on the number of calls and vetted leads, additional outbound services you need, and so on. To give you the most value, we need to analyze your current situation to come up with the best solution. Read more about our pricing and get a custom price quote.

When will I see first results?

As an appointment setting company, we commit to delivering a certain number of meetings with potential clients over a defined period. Though we can’t guarantee instant results, they may come in the first weeks or months depending on external factors like season or industry specifics.


You can also check out what performance and ROI you can expect from appointment setting in the first 12 months.

Is an in-house or outsourced SDR team better?

Depends on your needs and resources. On average, an in-house sales team will cost around $150K yearly, while an outsourced one will cost you 3 times less — around $40K–50K each year. Another advantage of outsourcing SDRs is that you can choose those who have more profound expertise in your niche. Regardless, we recommend you evaluate each option against your own criteria before making your final decision.

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