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We do heavy lifting while you focus on closing deals
We offer a time-saving solution that streamlines your entire sales process from start to finish. From lead discovery to booking appointments, we handle everything, allowing your team to focus solely on sales. Skip the hiring hassle, increased overhead, and complex internal processes. Welcome a steady flow of opportunities.
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How our SDR services work

Check out our process of converting your prospects into ready-to-buy leads.
Market analysis

Market analysis

Precision targeting through deep insights

  • We analyze your market, TAM, competitors, identifying key pain points and unique selling points of your products or services.

  • For super-targeted outreach, we draft a new ICP or refine your existing one.

  • We evaluate the digital presence of your prospects, including social media and websites.

  • If you need lead research and qualification, our SDR team verifies each lead against specific parameters, ensuring quality and relevance.

  • Ultimately, we develop unique VPs for selected client profiles to precisely address potential demand.

Team onboarding & alignment

Team onboarding & alignment

Unified team dynamics for collaborative success

  • Focusing on your business's specific needs and challenges, we select SDRs to match with your in-house team.

  • Our partnership begins by streamlining and automating your sales processes, starting with HubSpot CRM integration.

  • We examine your existing sales workflow and make necessary adjustments to eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Afterward, we re-engage with untouched prospects in your CRM, refreshing your pipeline for new outreach efforts.

Email campaigns launch

Email campaigns launch

Personalized outreach with strategic testing

  • In collaboration with our Content Experts, we craft personalized email campaigns that resonate with each ICP group.

  • Our Email Deliverability experts take care of your domain configurations to avoid spam filters, ensure optimal deliverability, and maintain your reputation.

  • We design a custom outreach strategy, utilizing email and LinkedIn for personalized engagements.

  • Via A/B tests, we fine-tune our approach based on real-world feedback and results.

Performance tracking & adjustment

Performance tracking & adjustment

Data-driven insights for continuous improvement

  • After initial campaigns, we analyze deliverability, engagement, and key performance indicators to measure success and areas for improvement.

  • To refine outreach strategies based on campaign results, we enhance VPs and ICP targeting.

  • Processing each response manually allows us to double refine messaging and targeting.

Appointment setting

Appointment setting

Efficient scheduling = maximizing engagement opportunities

  • We send invitations after confirming a mutually convenient time with the prospect.

  • Our SDRs send reminders before each meeting to minimize no-shows.

  • In case of a no-show, we re-engage with the person to reschedule the missed appointment and maximize every opportunity for successful conversion.


Are we a good fit?

This checklist will help you decide if Belkins is the right outsourced SDR company for you.

  • iconYour sales cycle are longer than desired, and you aim to streamline them.
  • iconYou're seeking to amplify your lead generation without overhead.
  • iconYou aim for scalable and resilient sales processes.
  • iconYou want to focus on closing deals while experts handle lead generation.
  • iconYou want to skip the hassle of hiring and training in-house SDRs.
  • iconYou value continuous improvement and data-driven sales approaches.
  • iconYou're looking for strategic sales partners, not just another vendor.
  • iconYour current strategies aren’t delivering the ROI you expect.


How do your outsourced SDR services integrate with our existing sales team?

Our SDRs seamlessly integrate with your team by aligning with your sales strategies, tools, and goals. We ensure constant communication and collaboration to act as an extension of your team, not just an external service.

How do you measure success and ROI?

Success is measured through clear, agreed-upon KPIs like booked appointments, including lead quality, conversion rates, sales cycle length, and overall ROI. We provide regular, transparent reports to track progress and adjust strategies as needed.

What is your process for onboarding new clients?

Our onboarding process is designed to fully understand your team, business, product, sales goals, and challenges. It includes an initial consultation, strategy development sessions, and integration planning to ensure a smooth transition and immediate impact.

How many SDRs can be assigned to my project?

It typically ranges from 1 to 2 dedicated SDR persons, based on the size of your business, the details of your project, and your targeted goals. For specific use cases, we can discuss your needs and assign as many people as you require. To enhance the effectiveness and reach of your project, we also involve content writers, lead researchers, and email deliverability specialists into the process.

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